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The historical interest of the rides Equitours includes in its program is one of the important factors to be considered.  To many of our clients this aspect of a ride is of significant value and we make every effort to have guides who can highlight the history of the area traversed and bring it alive. 

Obviously some places are not as rich in history as others though they may offer good horses, comfortable accommodations and favorable footing. In the French countryside you will see many places where signs which advertise restaurants the names of which start with Relais. This means that it is the location of the old relay station where one could find fresh horses for an onward journey or where the stagecoach stopped briefly to change horses and let passengers get something to eat.

For history lovers the Castles and Caves of Malbec ride in France has a great deal to offer. The trip includes visits to medieval castles where you ride into courtyards like knights of old, staying in walled towns and even a tour of prehistoric caves with 14,000 year old paintings.  One travels mostly on trails through forests and farmland with only short distances on paved roads which have very little traffic. At one point you ride and sometimes lead your horse along the river on an ancient path carved through the side of a narrow gorge to avoid a wide detour over a mountain range.

A different example of a historic ride is this one in Normandy which visits the places where the key battles of the Allied invasion of 1944 were fought. The success of the invasion was one of the turning points of the war, but it came at a high cost in American lives.  One can see the well-kept graveyards with seemingly endless lines of crosses, driving home the extent of losses. The beaches are very wide and there are still massive German concrete bunkers on the shore which afforded them a wonderful field of fire at the landing troops.    We can be proud indeed of the valiant soldiers who made that victory possible.      

Even our own ranch high in a remote valley near Yellowstone Park has its share of history.  In a morning ride we can reach an old hideout of Butch Cassidy well concealed in a steep canyon with a mountain stream for water and an excellent lookout point nearby from which anyone coming could be seen over a mile away.  One can also see wickiups still standing from the days of the fascinating Sheepeater Indians who lived high in the mountains here and hunted the bighorn sheep with their big dogs and powerful recurved bows.  In the days before motor cars an old horse trail used to run from near our ranch to Yellowstone Park 50 miles away across the wilderness. Our rides still follow some of this route and in places one can see the old cedar posts used as trail markers.

The rides in India are particularly rich in history and offer many views of ancient structures from medieval times and even before.  Riders have a chance to stay in palaces and fortresses which not only had powerful defenses, but also fascinating works of art.  This is one of the places in the word where many people still live in small villages much as they did centuries ago, raising water buffalo, camels, cows, goats and sheep and cultivating their own crops.  

Equitours rides in Italy are all redolent of history from ancient Roman and medieval times.  One of the Saints & Warriors rides includes a visit to the Palio race in Siena. This dramatic contest dashing around the central square is a tradition going back to medieval times where teams from ten parts of Siena race bareback and barefoot making 3 laps while people watch the spectacle from the balconies of surrounding buildings with rapt attention.

Spain has a prestigious place in equestrian history.  The Epona ride includes a visit to the Royal Spanish Riding School in Jerez which is one of the top riding schools in the world dedicated to the preservation of equestrian arts.  They give a most impressive demonstration on magnificent and highly trained Andalusian stallions.  Trails of Andalusia goes through El Rocio, a small town that has long served as a stop on the religious pilgrimages during Semana Santa. From several rides in Spain you could plan an extension to visit the palace/fortress of the Moors in Grandada, called the Alhambra, made famous in America 200 years ago by Washington Irving’s book, Tales of the Alhambra.  The amazing structure is a monument to a once highly developed civilization lasting for 800 years and now extinct.     

In the United States the Navajoland Ride in Arizona has attractive campsites, good terrain for horses and plenty of history.  Some of the first horseback riders known to come to what is now the United States were those in the Coronado Expedition of 1540 which crossed northern New Mexico in an attempt to find the mythical Seven Golden Cities of Cibola.  The ancient and highly developed Anasazi Indians lived here a thousand years ago in many storied houses built on the sides of sheer cliffs as did the Navajo in more recent times. We can have some canters here in the dramatically beautiful Canyon de Chelly with its sides towering a thousand feet straight above us on either side.  We traverse the enchanting mesas and valleys of the Four Corners area where few tourists ever go. One can see the traditional heat efficient Navajo hogans or dwelling places with their thick mud walls.


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Lycian Way

Ride through history on Turkey's Lycian Way. Meet locals, including herds of sheep and goats, along the way. Pass through olive groves that are centuries old, and walk in... Read more

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Thorsmork Ride

Thórsmörk or Valley of Tor, is a mountain ridge named after the Norse god Thor. It is situated in the south of Iceland between the glaciers Tindfjallajökull and Eyjafjallajökull.... Read more

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Catalonia Coast horse riding trip in Spain

Catalonia Coast Trail

Catalonia is a region of diverse landscapes, mild climate and complex cultural history, and the Catalonia Coast Trail opens the wild side of this region to you. On the... Read more

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Normandy Ride

This area on the Normandy coast is well suited for a riding tour with some fine opportunities for beach galloping and history galore. You will have a chance to... Read more

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Enjoy good riding on this equestrian holiday in Mexico at Rancho Puesto del Sol

Rancho Puesta Del Sol

This all inclusive ranch is surrounded by three waterfalls, and at an elevation of 7,500 ft, offers spectacular views and weather year-round. You will discover unsurpassed scenery and riding... Read more

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Tuscan Villages and Vintages

The Villages and Vintages horseback riding holiday in Italy is based out of a comfortable and elegant 18th century farmhouse in Chianti, Tuscany. Daily rides on well-trained horses allow... Read more

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Clew Bay Ride

The Clew Bay Ride is based out of Westport, an award winning town in County Mayo in western Ireland. Clew Bay is overlooked by Croagh Patrick, a holy mountain... Read more

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Barichara Ride

This trail is designed specifically for adventurous riders who want to take part in a challenging horseback experience that will leave you feeling fulfilled. Discover the extreme landscapes of... Read more

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Bandit Trail

The Bandit trail is a diversified horse riding trek through massive canyons, table mountains and volcanoes - a riding paradise where outlaws once hid. The fresh tender green of... Read more

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The Navajoland trip traverses the most spectacular and interesting parts of the vast Navajo Indian Reservation. Cross three distinct portions of the Navajo Indian Reservation with several Navajo guides... Read more

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Sulayr Short Break

Ride beautiful Spanish horses along the ancient bridle paths and mountain trails traditionally linking the small whitewashed villages on this short break. Sulayr translated from Spanish means “mountain of... Read more

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Prestige Ride in Dordogne

This is a unique luxury riding experience that truly includes the best of France, offering  prestige accommodations - 4 star hotels and Chateaux - and amazing French Cuisine with... Read more

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Discover Cornwall

The ride is centered in the heart of Bodmin Moor, one of the largest unspoiled areas left in England. The Cobs, Shires and Moorland Ponies will help you discover... Read more

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Morocco Sand Dune Ride

Ride on the edge of the Sahara, from Ourzazate, Morocco. Pass through the sand dunes which lend their name to this ride, as well as farmland. Ride Barb-Arabian stallions... Read more

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The Valleys of Gredos

This horseback riding holiday in Spain passes through the Valleys of Gredos, one of the most distinctive regions of the Iberian Peninsula. River valleys, surrounded by rugged mountains, are... Read more

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Ride by local villages on the Dali Coast horseback riding holiday in Spain

Dali Coast Trail

Experience for yourself  Catalonia's wild beauty that attracted painters like Dali in the mid 19th century who drew inspiration from the spectacular coastline, the intense green fields and forests,... Read more

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Coastal Range Ride

The Alpujarra and Coastal Range rides in the Sierra Nevada mountains use well mannered, fit horses and are moderately paced through beautiful landscape going up to alpine meadows. For... Read more

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Alpujarra Ride

The Alpujarra and Coastal Range rides in the Sierra Nevada mountains follow ancient bridle paths from village to village on well mannered, fit horses at a moderate pace. The... Read more

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Hekla-Landmannalaugar Trail

Located in the vast interior of Iceland, which comprises one of Europe’s greatest wilderness areas. While some places are extremely barren and sparse — described as similar to being... Read more

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Fjallabak Tour- ride Icelandic horses on this equestrian holiday in Iceland

Fjallabak Tour

Ride in the “land of fire and ice” on this tour that enables you to experience them in depth.  Wild volcanic landscapes next to snow-capped mountains, vast lava deserts... Read more

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Crete Star Trail

The Crete Star Ride radiates out from your friendly hosts' very comfortable hotel to visit different parts of the island each day. There are fascinating archaeological sites to visit... Read more

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Sacred Valley of the Incas- visit the legendary Machu Picchu following your riding tour in Peru

Sacred Valley of the Incas Ride

The Sacred Valley of the Incas horseback riding vacation in Peru gives a unique introduction to South America’s most impressive Pre-Columbian civilization on some of the world’s most smoothly... Read more

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horseback riding holiday in Mongolia

Karakorum with Naadam Festival

This horseback riding holiday in Mongolia will take you through the Khangai Mountain range in the central region, which is drained by some of Mongolia’s mightiest rivers, including the... Read more

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Royal Cities Ride

Ride through a rich and beautiful country, to the very historic heart, a heart that is still very much alive and beating. You will see the Roman ruins of... Read more

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Enjoy riding horses on the steppe on the Karakorum horseback riding holiday

Karakorum Ride

Ride through the Khangai Mountain range in the central region, which is drained by some of Mongolia’s mightiest rivers, including the Orkhon. For thousands of years the Orkhon and... Read more

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This ride starts from the desert town of Tata in the south of Morocco. You spend a full two weeks exploring this area, riding in a southwestern loop from... Read more

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Relaxed Tuscan Instruction

This relaxed ride appropriate for all levels and ages of riders and offers instructional or trail riding programs. The riding center and country guest house is your base and... Read more

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Cappadocia Highlights

Experiencing this fascinating landscape, meeting the local people, and visiting some of the ancient and unusual structures will surely be a grand adventure.Much of this horseback riding tour proceeds... Read more

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