Why Equitours?

A Leader in Equestrian Adventure.

1. Unbiased Assessments and Highest Standards

Equitours maintains the highest standards for our rides and offers you only the cream of riding adventures in each category. We give unbiased assessments of the pros and cons of each ride and aim to find the most appropriate for your tastes, ability and pocket book. Some of the criteria we consider in choosing rides are the quality and care of the horses, the condition of the tack, the attractiveness of the countryside, the skill and friendliness of the guides, historical and cultural interest, food and drink and comfort of the accommodations.

2. Years of Experience

We have been organizing riding tours since 1971 and have personally tested hundreds of rides since then. Our ride consultants as well as the Fox Family, owners of Equitours (Bayard, Mel, Richard and Hadley), are thoroughly familiar with our trips and can advise you about the details of each ride we offer.

3. Attention to Detail

We can easily help you find the most suitable trip based upon your interests,  your riding level, your budget and your personal tastes through one-on-one telephone conversations or by email if you prefer. Our knowledgeable and friendly ride consultants will answer all your detailed questions, promptly. From initial query until you return from the adventure we will work to make your experience as wonderful as possible.

4. More than Travel Agents

One of our great strengths is that we are not just tour operators or travel agents.  We share your love of horses!  We run our own ranch in Wyoming, the Bitterroot Ranch, with around 170 horses (many of which we have raised and trained) where we personally take guests on rides every day. We also often accompany our guests on overseas riding tours which keep us in close personal touch with what riders are seeking in an equestrian vacation. You have many years of riding and international travel experience at your disposal by choosing Equitours as your host on your international riding vacation.

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