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Serengeti. The word alone conjures images of expansive plains glowing orange under a huge setting sun while large animals trek past silhouetted trees the shape of expansive umbrellas.

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Estancia Los Potreros

This family run estancia offers an array of wonderful riding that can be tailored for all riding levels. Ride through the vast open landscape, play in gaucho games or try polo at this authentically Argentinian ranch.

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The most intimate way to experience African wildlife and beauty, a horseback riding safari will be an adventure you will never forget.

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The inn that serves as the base for this ride is fabulous in its hospitality. I loved the gorgeous pool and the fact that the horses just hung out next to it with me. The riding, especially once you reach the coast, was beautiful and the cliff coastline reminded me of somewhere like Ireland. The picnic lunch on the rocky coast along the blue green waters was one of my favorite moments. The Anglo-Arabians were very fit and well behaved and made the fast, long canters lots of fun.

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Equitours has the finest collection of riding vacations worldwide. You select from only top quality destinations. We work to provide you with the perfect riding vacation, not just a ride that we can sell you, and will be there for you from the planning stage until you return from the ride. Equitours is more than a booking agent. We love, live, and breathe horses and travel. Your vacation is our passion.
Equitours maintains the highest standards for our rides and offers you only the cream of riding adventures in each category. We give unbiased assessments of the pros and cons of each ride and aim to find the most appropriate for your tastes, ability and pocket book. Some of the criteria we consider in choosing rides are the quality and care of the horses, the condition of the tack, the attractiveness of the countryside, the skill and friendliness of the guides, historical and cultural interest, food and drink and comfort of the accommodations.
One of our great strengths is that we are not just tour operators or travel agents.  We share your love of horses!  We run our own ranch in Wyoming, the Bitterroot Ranch, with around 170 horses (many of which we have raised and trained) where we personally take guests on rides every day. We also often accompany our guests on overseas riding tours which keep us in close personal touch with what riders are seeking in an equestrian vacation. You have many years of riding and international travel experience at your disposal by choosing Equitours as your host on your international riding vacation.

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