Horseback riding in Mozambique offers the thrilling experience of an authentic beach safari in east Africa. Immerse yourself in this sea-based culture as you visit fishing villages and look out over awe-inspiring views of the Bazaruto Archipelago. Canter along bush paths and past the ruins of Portuguese homesteads and feel yourself a part of their history. Observe ocean wildlife in their natural habitat, watching birds swoop and dive and catching glimpses of dolphins and turtles. Stay in comfortable resort accommodations as you are treated like family by your hosts, Mandy and Patrick.

The story of Mandy and Patrick’s flight from Zimbabwe into Mozambique with a herd of over 100 rescued horses is both heart-rending and inspiring.

In 2000, when the political and economic structure of Zimbabwe crumbled around them, this couple risked their lives to save horses abandoned as farmers fled the country. They moved six times before finally crossing the border into Mozambique with little more than a bag of clothes, a family photo album and the horses.

We continue to follow this story of dedication and perseverance as they struggle to establish a home and livelihood in Vilanculos, on the idyllic and undeveloped coast of a country working to reclaim its place as a unique tourist destination. We are pleased to offer their horseback riding vacations in Mozambique and give you the opportunity to experience all that the country has to offer.

  Peak Season

April, May, June, July , August, September, October

  Low Season

January, February, March, November, December

  Timezone in Mozambique

Central Africa Time (GMT+2)

  International Airports

Vilankulo Airport (VNX)

Climate in Mozambique

We’re often asked “When is the best time to go to Mozambique?” If you are looking for warm weather, blue skies and sunny days Vilankulo & the Bazaruto Archipelago cannot be beaten.

April to November is the cooler, dryer winter season with temperature at times reaching over 85°F by day. It is shorts and t-shirt weather and what most people from around the world would call an amazing summer. In the evening and early morning you may need a jacket, and during the night a light duvet is required. Our winter weather cannot be compared to South Africa which is very much colder.

December to March is the hotter and wetter summer season. With Mozambique’s lying in the rainshadow of Madagascar it has a relatively low annual rainfall, and a great deal of protection from the tropical storms and the occasional cyclone which head towards it during this period. When it does rain it is usually very brief but with vigorous downpours after which the sun comes out again. The beauty of Vilankulo & the Bazaruto Archipelago during summer is that it seldom rains enough to spoil the riding and there is usually a cool breeze on the beach.

Mozambique has a tropical to sub -tropical climate. February is generally cyclone season and the highest rainfall occurs in the summer months, from December to March. Vilanculos is however in a rain shadow so it is dry compared to most tropical climates.

Average Temperatures:

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
°C 26.6 26.6 25.9 24.5 22.3 20.5 20.0 20.7 22.1 23.5 24.7 25.9 23.6
°F 79.9 79.9 78.6 76.1 72.1 68.9 68.0 69.3 71.8 74.3 76.5 78.6 74.5

It is hot and humid in summer with torrential thunderstorms possible but not always. Winters are sunny and dry and cool off substantially in the evening. The best time to visit Mozambique is April – October.

  Average Temperature

87 °F » 55 °F


Mozambique Beach Safari

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Nearly every time we come home from an Equitours ride, we say, "That was the best ride ever." But our latest ride in Mozambique really truly was the best ever. Mandy and Patrick are not just superb horse people, they are charming and engaging people people who share their love of place with open hearts and a constant stream of colorful stories. The endless collected canters on the beach, the meanders through the bush, the ride to the red dunes, to the fishing village, to the fresh water lakes were distinctive and memorable experiences. And have I mentioned  reef diving, bird watching, and swimming with the horses in the Indian Ocean? It all added up to a perfect trip and a fabulous introduction to a country to which I am sure we be drawn irresistibly back. Thanks to Equitours for showing us the way.

Klimo, 2018

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