Horseback Riding in Egypt

Ancient Wonders


This is a fast-paced riding tour in Egypt that will show you the best of both Cairo and Luxor. You will spend most of your time riding, but also experience once-in-a-lifetime sight-seeing. This trip will allow you to gallop by the pyramids at Giza, ride to ancient temples, experience a night camping in the desert, visit the Egyptian Museum and the Valley of Kings and go on a boat ride down the Nile

Spend 2 nights overlooking the Giza pyramids in Cairo and 5 nights in Luxor. 4 nights in Luxor are spent in a comfortable, atmospheric hotel, and 1 night camping in tents in the desert.

Egypt’s cuisine has something for everyone! If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies, don’t worry – meals can easily be catered to any diet. In fact, it’s a vegetarian’s paradise, and many of the most famous dishes are meatless: falafel, ful medames, and kosheri. Meat lovers will enjoy the fresh beef, chicken, and fish, usually served with rice. Not to mention, Egyptians have a huge sweet tooth, so there are plenty of tantalizing desserts, pastries, and fresh juices. (Ever had sugar cane juice?) You’ll be treated to a combination of homecooked meals and eating out at our favorite hand-picked restaurants.

  • Overview:
    The horses are the local breed commonly found across Egypt, referred to as Baladi or simply Egyptian horses. These horses are native to Egypt and have mixed bloodlines with Arabian and European influences. They are spirited, forward-going, and responsive with impressive stamina for long days in the saddle.
  • Horse Breeds:
    Baladi (Egyptian horse)
  • Trip Pace:
    All paces to suit rider
  • Tack:
  • Weight limit:
    200 lb (90 kg)

Non-riders are more than welcome to join. There is no lack of other activities and sightseeing in Egypt for them to enjoy while you are riding, and the outfitter can arrange it all for them!

Cairo airport at by 4pm.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1

Welcome to Egypt!

You made it to the home of the pyramids! Pickup is at Cairo International Airport. When you arrive at your hotel in Giza, take some time to get settled in, soak in the lively atmosphere, or relax with a drink. You’ll have dinner on the hotel rooftop with phenomenal views of the pyramids. Watch the Sound & Light Show as you enjoy your meal. It’ll be a relaxed night so you’re well-rested for the first day of riding

Day 2

Pyramids of Giza Ride & Saqqara

Kick off your adventures with an exciting ride at the Pyramids of Giza! You’ll quickly fall in love with Egyptian horses as you traverse the desert around one of the ancient wonders of the world. The open space is perfect for galloping and an exhilarating race across the sand. The ride ends at the base of the Great Pyramid, where you will meet up with your tour guide to further explore the pyramids complex and the sphinx on foot. After lunch, you will continue your sightseeing by car with a trip to Saqqara. The largest archeological site in Egypt, this vast necropolis contains pyramids and tombs for the pharaohs and noblemen of the Old Kingdom. Most notably, Saqqara is home to the oldest pyramid in the world: the Step Pyramid of Djoser, built about 4,700 years ago. When you return to the hotel, watch a once-in-a-lifetime sunset at the Pyramids of Giza from the rooftop before dinner.

Day 3

The Egyptian Museum & Flight to Luxor

This morning you’ll visit the Egyptian Museum, where you will get to explore the world’s largest collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts. The Egyptian Museum is one of the most important museums of ancient history and the oldest archeological museum in the Middle East. You’ll get to see incredible works of pharaonic art, mummies, sarcophagi, papyrus, and loads of ancient treasures. A special highlight is the collection of objects recovered from King Tutankhamun’s tomb, including his iconic burial mask weighing about 10 kg of solid gold. After exploring the museum, it’s time to depart for our next destination: Luxor! Just a short one-hour flight away, Luxor feels like a world apart from busy Cairo. Unwind and have dinner at your accommodation in the peaceful village of Ramlah. Please note, internal flight to Luxor is booked by you directly at extra expense.

Day 4

Ancient Temples Ride & Sunset Nile Cruise

After breakfast, you’ll come to the stable to meet the horses and saddle up for your first ride in Luxor. Today you will visit two ancient temples on horseback! Along the way, you ride through the lush farmland and quaint villages of Luxor’s agricultural west bank, showing you what daily life is like in rural Egypt. You’ll be transported back in time as you ride past farmers working their fields with traditional tools and animals such as donkeys and water buffalo. As you get closer to the Theban Mountain, you approach our first destination: Ramesseum, a memorial temple for the great warrior Pharaoh Ramesses II. You’ll get to explore the temple on a guided tour while the horses rest nearby. You then have another short ride to your next stop: Medinet Habu Temple. You’ll learn about this impressive temple built by Ramesses III on another guided tour. Lunch is at a nearby restaurant before you meet up with the horses again and ride back to the stable. After freshening up at the hotel, you will enjoy a late afternoon boat trip on the Nile River. Relax and reflect on the day’s adventures while sipping some Egyptian tea and watching the sunset on the water. Dinner is at a restaurant on the banks of the Nile.

Day 5

Sunrise Ride & Desert Camping

Today you’ll have an early start, but this morning’s ride is worth it! You ride to see the hot air balloons take off at sunrise, watching from the horses as they float above you and over the Valley of the Kings. As the sun continues to rise, you ride along the edge of the desert, with tomb-filled valleys on one side and ancient temples and ruins on the other. On the way back to the stable, stop at a local restaurant for a traditional Egyptian breakfast: falafel and ful medames. In the midday, you will have downtime to relax after your early morning. In the afternoon, ride out to the desert and explore the hills behind the Valley of the Kings on our sure-footed partners. As the sun starts to go down, you venture further into the desert where our campsite awaits for the night. When you arrive at camp, watch the sunset and relax with a drink while dinner is prepared for you. After a delicious meal, relax around the campfire under the stars with a cup of Egyptian tea, the horses resting around you.

Day 6

Desert to Nile Ride & East Bank Sightseeing

Wake up in the desert to a beautiful view of the vast landscape and the horses nearby. If you get up for sunrise, you may even be able to see hot air balloons floating on the distant horizon. After a quiet morning enjoying nature and having breakfast with the horses, you leave camp to return to the stable. Traverse a range of landscapes, riding from the desert and mountain until we reach villages, farms, and the Nile River. Lunch is served at your accommodation upon your return. After lunch, you’ll freshen up and get ready for your sightseeing on Luxor’s east bank. You’ll cross the Nile by water taxi to the massive Karnak Temple complex, the largest religious site ever constructed and a must-see in Luxor. Next, you’ll visit the Avenue of Sphinxes and Luxor Temple, an important place of worship that has been in almost continuous use since ancient times. Back on the west bank, you’ll have a little downtime before heading out for dinner at a restaurant.

Day 7

Valley of the Kings & Sunset Desert Ride

This morning, you will visit one of the most famous sites in Luxor: The Valley of the Kings! Explore some of the spectacular tombs hidden in this desert valley, which was the burial ground for the New Kingdom pharaohs. You’ll then visit the Temple of Hatshepsut, a stunning temple built into the foothills of the mountain for Egypt’s most powerful female pharaoh. After the sightseeing, you’ll have lunch and relax at the hotel before the afternoon ride. Your ride begins through the villages and farms until we reach the outskirts of the desert, where you get to enjoy a long gallop across the sand. Ride up the desert hills for an incredible view of the mountain and the vast landscape beyond, and from here watch as the sun sets on the horizon. When you return, you enjoy our last dinner together – homestyle Egyptian cooking at the stable alongside the horses.

Day 8

Ma'salaam (Goodbye)!

If you have the time, saddle up for a morning ride (extra). Otherwise, relax at the stable with the horses, take a dip in the pool, or pick up some last-minute souvenirs to bring home. The driver will take you to the Luxor Airport to catch your flight. Until next time

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  • $240

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