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Yoga can be a useful foundation for any sport from chess to martial arts where stamina, flexibility or core strength of mind and body are required.

It helps to achieve balance and harmony with the horse which is so important in enhancing enjoyment in the sport for both horse and rider.  Yoga also develops compassion and unity which improves the partnership with the horse.

The Bitterroot Ranch located in a remote mountain valley provides a quiet oasis where one can practice yoga, riding and meditation without distraction.  The graceful simplicity of the yoga yurt nestled in a secluded forest clearing near the river has an irresistible aesthetic appeal.   You hear only the faint murmur of the water or the rustling of the leaves.  It is possible to participate in clinics led by renowned ayurvedic clinicians which are half yoga and half riding.  There are also regular sessions for a few hours during the week led by Hadley Fox. She understands well how yoga can help to alleviate the soreness of muscles after unaccustomed hours of riding.

Some intrepid Equitours clients have taken one of our rides in India and then attended a week of yoga practicing a more austere and Spartan kind of yoga.


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Yoga and Horseback Riding with Marc Holzman

Spend a week of combined yoga and riding at the Bitterroot Ranch, with yoga sessions led by Marc Holzman. The physical alignment one strives to achieve when riding horses is the same as the alignment one practices in yoga, so the two work together in beautiful harmony. Whether you are more familiar with horseback riding or with yoga, you... Read more

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