Ride near Kiruna, the northernmost town in Sweden, within the Arctic Circle and home to the Polar twilight and midnight sun. Winter tours allow you to test your endurance in extreme temperatures and experience the totally unique Nordic activities in Swedish Lapland. Summer tours allow you to explore the mountains on your Icleandic horse under the long hours of daylight.

  Peak Season

January, February, March, July , August, December

  Timezone in Sweden

Greenwich Mean Time + 1 (GMT)

  International Airports

Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN)

Climate in Sweden

Located about 90 miles north of the Arctic Circle, this area of Sweden has a subarctic climate with short, cool summers and long, cold winters. Snow cover generally lasts from late September to mid-May, but snowfall can occur year-round.

During the summer rides the temperature is around 50-60°F, and can rarely get into the 80s. It is often colder in the mountains where you ride and during the night the temperature can drop to freezing.

The winter rides can experience temperatures as low as -45°F, and the warmest you can expect is around freezing. Wearing many layers is imperative

  Average Temperature

60 °F » -45 °F


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Scandinavian Summer

Offered in July and August, this horseback riding vacation in Sweden allows you to experience the midnight sun. Based above the Arctic Circle, the 7 day trip brings you through some of the most remote Nordic landscapes of Swedish Lapland in the area of... Read more

Arctic Adventure

This winter experience offers a glimpse into life in the Arctic circle under the Polar night. The indigenous Sami culture here in Swedish Lapland can still be felt in the strong connection to the earth and local wildlife, namely reindeer. In addition to riding... Read more

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