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Great Britain is a country of great beauty; its scenery cannot be beaten with its rugged coastline, green valleys, lakes, castle ruins and historic cities. It is well known for its rich history and horse traditions as well as excellent horses and native breeds ranging from Welsh Cobs, Dartmoor, Fell and Moorland ponies to Clydesdales, Cobs and Cob crosses. Discover the traditional UK from horseback on the rides we offer through famous scenery in Cornwall and in County Antrim in Northern Ireland. Ride through typical villages on gentle green rural lanes and meadows and experience the unspoiled landscape.

Cornwall is on the extreme southern tip of England on a long peninsula reaching into the sea.  Like Wales, Scotland and Ireland it has many Gallic place names and retains cultural connections with other Celtic regions including Brittany.  It has some of the sunniest and most temperate climate in England.  The 400 mile coastline with 700 ft. high cliffs in places shelters picturesque fishing villages in protected coves.

Northern Ireland is one of the four countries of the United Kingdom, situated in the north-east of the island of Ireland. In the 1920’s, Northern Ireland officially separated from Ireland. Due to its proximity to Scotland and the sea channels heading to England and Wales, it has long witnessed generations of newcomers and emigrants.

  Peak Season

April, May, June, July , August, September, October

  Timezone in United Kingdom

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

  International Airports

London Heathrow (LHR), London Gatwick Airport (LGW)

Climate in United Kingdom

Moderate temperatures with relatively high humidity can be expected in this temperate maritime climate. April to October temperatures can range from 50’s to 70’s and lows in the 40s’ to 50’s. Mixed weather and rain showers should be expected as it is the rain that keeps the grass green and the horses sleek and shiny! Be prepared for wet days with proper rain gear (waterproof jacket and pants).

  Average Temperature

65 °F » 35 °F


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Discover Cornwall

The ride is centered in the heart of Bodmin Moor, one of the largest unspoiled areas left in England. The Cobs, Shires and Moorland Ponies will help you discover... Read more

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