Making A Difference

Equitours is committed to the conservation, preservation and maintenance of habitat, wildlife populations, and open spaces around the world. We are proud that our rides provide guests with the opportunity to see many of the Earth’s last unspoiled places. We also believe there is an added benefit to this type of ecofriendly tourism. The flow of our client’s dollars into local economies provides an important monetary incentive to keep habitat open and wildlife populations viable. In a time when wildlife and habitat throughout the world are in need of international support and scrutiny our rides help to create a value in preservation.

It is important to us that our outfitters are good stewards of their horses, but we are also happy that so many are dedicated to sustainable wildlife conservation and habitat preservation. We salute their efforts and are pleased to help make their work possible. Each year, in an effort to bring attention to this cause, we send a donation to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, an organization in Kenya that is committed to these same ideals.

DSWT is a Kenya based wildlife conservation organization with over 40 years devoted to rescue, rehabilitation and reintroduction of orphaned elephants, rhinos, and virtually all wildlife. Equitours owner, Mel Fox, worked in Tsavo National Park with the Sheldricks in the 1970’s and has supported their work ever since. Read more about the Trust’s history, accomplishments and ongoing projects at Of the Trust’s myriad projects, we are particularly impressed by the community outreach program, which is vital to long-term environmental solutions. We hope to inspire you, our clients, guests and fellow riding enthusiasts, to join us in becoming educated about the issue of habitat loss and its effect on the local human communities and wildlife populations.

Unique among our outfitters is the heart-wrenching and inspiring story of Mandy and Patrick Retzlaff’s flight from Zimbabwe into Mozambique with a herd of over 100 rescued horses. In 2000, when the political and economic structure of Zimbabwe crumbled around them, this couple risked their lives to save horses abandoned as farmers fled the country. Equitours feels honored to help spearhead this genuine ecotourism and volunteer work program, where guests can choose to stay for a month or ten days, helping train, exercise, saddle, feed and care for the horses, as well as assist the Retzlaffs with various local community projects.

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