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Those who take a classical dressage vacation are practicing an equestrian discipline which is millennia old in Europe and has recently seen a burgeoning of interest among riders in the United States.

A viable program must have not only an experienced and qualified instructors, but just as critical are the “schoolmasters” – the selection of well-schooled horses who allow riders of all levels to gain a deep understanding and feel for the movements and timing of this demanding art. Lusitano and Andalusian stallions are particularly well suited for movements like the piaff, the pirouette and the passage.  Dressage has tremendous aesthetic appeal and its essence is achieving close harmony with an equine partner. Like so many sports, including rodeo, dressage techniques developed from practical needs and not so long ago horses were crucial in warfare. Dressage training can improve your skills for any kind of riding though some adaptations have to be made if you are doing something like an endurance ride across country.


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Quinta do Archino

The Quinta do Archino is a great place to hone your dressage skills in an informal rural setting. Non-riders can enjoy what the surrounding area has to offer and... Read more

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Epona Intensive Program

This program is designed for those who prefer to concentrate on improving their dressage riding skills. Epona's highly trained and sensitive Spanish horses and experienced instructors are world renowned.... Read more

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Florida Dressage Getaway

Two or four night packages offer a wonderful escape to the warmer climes of Florida, 10 minutes from Wellington. Available only during the winter months, this package offers exceptional... Read more

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Epona Equestrian Center

This picturesque riding center provides trail riding in the morning, and afternoon dressage instruction, making for a memorable dressage holiday in Spain. The entire Garcia family is involved in... Read more

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Monte Velho

The Monte Velho Equo Resort is a boutique hotel located on a Lusitano breeding farm and is an ideal base from which to experience wonderful trail riding and world class dressage... Read more

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Classical Dressage in New England

The dressage instruction in New England offers an opportunity to experience a high caliber of instruction on highly trained schoolmasters. Whether just starting out in dressage or looking to... Read more

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Château en Auvergne

This beautiful 4 star château near the center of France has been exquisitely restored and serves as a delightful base for your stay in the region. Ride for about... Read more

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Relaxed Tuscan Instruction

This relaxed ride appropriate for all levels and ages of riders and offers instructional or trail riding programs. The riding center and country guest house is your base and... Read more

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