Horseback riding in Greece offers one of the most attractive bargains in Europe.  The best place to go in the Greek Archipelago is the island of Crete.  It is the largest of the Greek islands and lies between Europe and North Africa which gives it an agreeable, temperate climate, attracting tourists year around.  The interior of the island is made up of fertile valleys with olive groves, vineyards, vegetables and fruit surrounded by rugged mountains going up to 7,000 ft. offering interesting, varied terrain for riders which your sure-footed horses handle with ease.  You will pass through remote hillside villages where peasants still use donkeys to help them farm.  Riders can enjoy the adventure of steep trails and fast canters in the valleys.  The wild scenery is magnificent and the island is surrounded by the clear blue of the Mediterranean Sea.  There are fine beaches to ride on and chances to swim with your horse when weather permits.

You will ride across the Lasithi Plateau which is one of the most productive agricultural areas in Crete.  In the old days it was covered with the white sails of wind mills which provided the power for milling grain and pumping up water for irrigation.  Wind mills are no longer used, but many of the old buildings have been transformed into charming private houses. This island was the first part of Europe to develop a civilization and the island is dotted with archeological sites dating back four thousand years from ancient Minoan, Greek, Roman and Turkish times.

The local food and drink are varied and delicious. The diet is traditionally Mediterranean, depending heavily on fresh vegetables, fruits and fish.  Nearly every family in the country has several olive trees and each village has its own press to make oil.  Bee hives are common too and honey is often used in preparing dishes like yogurt.  Other famous specialties are stuffed grape leaves known as dolmades and fish mousaka casseroles with eggplant.  Vineyards are common too and many delicious local wines are produced much as they have been for millennia.  You can also try the stronger raki or ouzo made from distilled wine.

The Greeks love horses and equestrian related activities are deeply woven into their culture.  The first known treatise on horsemanship was written by Xenophon long before Christ and is still relevant today.  It is the Greeks who gave us the stories of centaurs and Pegasus. Alexander the Great’s horse, Bucephalus, is one of the most famous warhorses in history.  You have the choice of taking a guided ride staying in various charming inns including one on the beach, doing this same ride unguided following well marked trails or branching out each day in different directions from  your comfortable riding center with its swimming pool and superb views.  It would be difficult to find a more interesting and attractive adventure at a reasonable price than horseback riding in Greece.

  Peak Season

March, April, September, October, November

  Quiet Season

January, February, December

  Timezone in Greece

Eastern European Standard Time (GMT+2)

  International Airports

Heraklion International Airport

Climate in Greece

Weather in Crete is very similar to northern California with cold winters in the mountains and hot summers. Mid-June, July and August are too hot to ride other than early mornings and evenings. March, April, October and early November often are warm and enjoyable, though evenings can be a bit chilly. Early June and September are usually fine with sunny days and moderate-to-hot temperatures. May can be warm and sunny most of the month. December is often cool with temperatures in the 50’s, with colder temperatures in the mountains. There may be some rain in December (it is advisable to dress in layers).

  Average Temperature

85 °F » 32 °F


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Crete Trail of the Gods

The Trail of the Gods ride on the island of Crete in Greece will take to fascinating archaeological sites and allow you to see much of the beautiful interior. ... Read more

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Crete Star Trail

The Crete Star Ride radiates out from your friendly hosts' very comfortable hotel to visit different parts of the island each day. There are fascinating archaeological sites to visit... Read more

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I really enjoyed this ride-the horses were wonderful, tough, and willing. Our hosts were outstanding; I can't say enough about how helpful, pleasant, and professional they were. They were also truly concerned that we had a good ride, but perfectly willing to let us enjoy ourselves as we wished. The food at the hotel where we ate for five nights was GREAT-local dishes well prepared. The ride route was well marked...the countryside more varied and interesting than expected with rocks, climbs, drops, stairs, and olive groves...


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