Our ride consultants are ready and waiting to answer any questions that you might have about your riding vacation. Please feel free to give us a call at any time: 800.545.0019.

On a riding tour you have the opportunity to participate actively in a sport rather than just passively sitting in a car or a raft floating down a river. You are in control and must handle yourself accordingly. Horses are a wonderful introduction to the real heart of a country because most local people love horses and are predisposed to liking the riders. There is also the pleasure of the unique partnership between a horse and rider.

Basic riding skills are a must on most trips, but the rides do differ greatly in the amount of skill required. No matter how athletic you are, it helps to receive instruction and practice before going on a tour. Be sure to refer to our ability level explanation and check the ability level required for a ride as you make a decision about which ride to choose. If you have any questions please feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable ride consultants. We would also be happy to discuss a ride's requirements with your riding instructor if you are in doubt about your preparedness for a particular ride. If you are fit, you will be safer, ride better and you and your horse will enjoy yourselves more.

All of our rides are great value for money. Compared to bike tours, walking tours and raft trips, they are generally cheaper despite the added expense of the horse.

Not necessarily. Good riding is much the same on any saddle, but some Western riders tend to ride too far back in the saddle which can sore a horse quickly in an English saddle. Not all Western riders are used to posting and this is a necessity in English tack on open terrain. A Western rider who thinks of his horn as anything other than a place to dally his rope would benefit from some lessons in riding before going on a riding vacation.

Our rides always avoid potentially dangerous and crime-filled areas. Our guides are knowledgeable professionals and their number one job is to keep guests safe. We believe these tours are extremely safe and we certainly make every effort to keep them that way.

Take lessons near your home. Try to do some trail riding as well as arena work. A good way to prepare for a tour is to enroll in lessons at a local stable, or spend a week at one of our instructional facilities. It is particularly helpful to be fit.

Certainly not. Many of our guests come alone and they soon find friends in the group (usually 6 to 12 people). After all, these are people who already share many of the same interests like a love of horses and a spirit of adventure. Often participants have the option of sharing a room to avoid paying a single supplement.

This depends on the ride and the season. Some of our rides are family oriented while others are oriented to adult riders. In general terms most rides are a mix of adults from 30 to 60 years but adults of any age can participate as long as they are fit and have the necessary riding skills.

To do a riding holiday children need to have the weight, strength and endurance to handle a horse all day. Some rides are better choices for young riders than others. We are more than happy to recommend family-oriented rides if you are traveling with children.

On most rides vegetarian and other special dietary requests can be accommodated with prior notice. Our guides are prepared to accommodate medical needs whenever possible. We will do our utmost to ensure any special requirements are met and that there are no surprises on the ride.

This is a great question to ask any riding tour organizer. On most of our rides the price includes horses, tack, guide, accommodations, all meals and taxes. The cost of transfers to and from a major transportation hub varies. Other costs -- such as gratuities, museum entry fees, etc. -- are clearly defined in the detailed ride information.