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We suggest two unguided options, offering you the greatest independence during your riding vacation.

The Lassithi Trail in Greece follows the exact itinerary of the guided Trail of the Gods. You return to the same hotel for most of the nights of the trip, allowing you to check in with your hosts on a regular basis.

The Randonnee Liberte ride in France follows a progressive itinerary. You carry necessities for the day in your saddle bags, while your luggage is driven to your next accommodations. On the first day a guide is provided and you can then choose to continue on your own or hire a guide for an added cost.

A benefit of these unguided rides is flexibility and privacy. You can choose the dates to begin and end your trip, and be guaranteed your own private group (you must have at least two people traveling together to schedule). For an unguided trip to be successful you should be up to the challenge of map and compass reading, and comfortable with some uncertainly while navigating. Although the organizers make every effort to have the trail clearly marked, directions outlined as specifically as possible, and are available to help, the independent experience leaves all decisions ultimately up to you. You must have experience in horse care to feed, groom and tend to your horses throughout. It is a wonderful adventure for the intrepid traveler!


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