Horseback riding in Asia provides wonderful opportunities for exotic adventures. Equitours has tested many of them and found that they certainly deserve an important place in our program.   It was in Asia that the first horses were tamed and ridden or harnessed to help mankind hunt, cultivate the land, transport baggage and to fight enemies. The horse culture which developed in most of Asia from ancient times remains strong and allows us to offer rides in India, JapanTurkey and Mongolia where there are still many fine horses.

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We are still glowing from our amazing, glorious, magical adventure in India. Everything was perfect! Thank you again for your terrific advice and putting us in contact with the outfitter who we are enormously grateful to. Riding in India was, without the shadow of a doubt, the most wonderful and delightful riding trip we have ever been on. Everything was more than perfect! Horses were fabulous - Cathy was delighted how gently her Marwari treated her and Annie tried hard to pack her horse with us for the trip home. Canters in the soft sand were sublime and traveling throughout the small villages a beautiful experience. We especially loved the people we met and the places we stayed. The guide was positively the most fabulous person to be with both on horseback and beyond. A true gentleman, a fountain of information, and most pleasurable to be with.

John and Cathy Hyucke, 2014

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