Horseback riding in Asia provides wonderful opportunities for exotic adventures. Equitours has tested many of them and found that they certainly deserve an important place in our program.   It was in Asia that the first horses were tamed and ridden or harnessed to help mankind hunt, cultivate the land, transport baggage and to fight enemies. The horse culture which developed in most of Asia from ancient times remains strong and allows us to offer rides in India, JapanTurkey and Mongolia where there are still many fine horses.

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Having ridden along positively pinching ourselves that we were finally doing what we had for so long longed to do, and that we were not dreaming but actually riding across this beautiful, open, hospitable countryside and seeing so many historical treasures, we can confidently say that we think others would enjoy the experience. Imagine the pleasure of hours in the saddle under a mild September sun, splashing through rivers, riding through shady groves, trotting and cantering along earthen tracks, and stopping in picturesque villages to drink Turkish tea in delicate little glasses with our friendly hosts. What could be better? - Donna Landry, professor of English at Kent University and well known Ottoman scholar.

Donna Landry

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