Feast of the Conquerors- enjoy delicous Italian cuisine on your horseback riding vacation in Siena

Saints and Warriors

Ride Overview

This riding tour in Italy is a fantastic opportunity to experience the Italian countryside by horseback and enjoy local cuisine. Whether your trip includes Il Palio or the standard itinerary, this is sure to be a tour you will not soon forget.

Il Palio, which takes place in July and again in August, is more than a horse race. This complex Italian festival has existed for hundreds of years and continues to be full of excitement, colorful in its costumes and flags, and involving the entire city for weeks. The ride that includes the Palio excursion will have a modified and flexible itinerary to allow riders several opportunities to experience the various Palio events during the week, which will include the Prova Generale – the last trial race before the Palio, the Contrada Dinner the night prior to the race, and of course, a balcony view of the famous horse race around the Piazza del Campo.

The fortresses and castles which were so important earlier, especially during the 15th century conflicts between Florence and Siena, are now partially in ruins. Much of the land is going back to nature, which is all the better for riding, and the soft beauty of the countryside is enhanced. This ride features a real celebration of food and wine.

Situated in a tranquil region southwest of Siena, the circular stone walls of the Castello di Tocchi serve as a hospitable central base for either full or half-day rides into the surrounding countryside. From the lovingly restored suites of this medieval hamlet, which was built on the foundations of a 12th century castle, riders have an opportunity to experience the enduring magic of Tuscany. The Saint and Warrior ride’s itinerary cleverly combines riding with an investigation of the region’s gastronomic delights.

This itinerary is also available during the winter months, based out of Villa Ferraia. The Villa is rightfully featured in ONCE IN A LIFETIME TRIPS: The World’s 50 Most Extraordinary and Memorable Travel Experiences by Chris Santella (Clarkson Potter, May 12, 2009). Its amenities and location allow for a variety of activities when and if riding is not appropriate due to weather, such as visits to local wineries and hot springs, cooking classes, or sightseeing tours, making this a unique and enriching winter Italian riding experience.

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Ride & Horse Details

  • Horse Breeds:
    Anglo-Arab, Italian cross
  • Trip Pace:
  • Tack:
    English and limited western
  • Weight limit:
    230 lbs *Minimum age limit: 14

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