We are excited to help you plan the perfect horseback riding vacation! The booking process is easy. First we recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Read through the information about rating your riding ability and make sure the ride you selected is a suitable choice. We want to make sure that you (and all of your fellow riders) will be safe and happy on the trip.
  2. Contact us by email, phone, or fax to verify space is available. We will hold a space on the ride for a short time while awaiting your booking forms and deposit.
  3. Read about our travel recommendations, policies and information.

Complete the following two items to finalize your booking. Then get ready to pack your bags for a great adventure!

1. Deposit:

To make a deposit go to our make a payment page. The deposit amount varies with the cost of the ride:

  • $600 per person for rides under $2,000
  • $800 per person for rides between $2,000 and $5,000
  • $1,200 per person for rides over $5,000
  • For rides over $3,000, a second deposit of $1000 is required four months before the trip

2. Reservation Form and Indemnity Agreement:

Please complete our Reservation Form and Indemnity Agreement in one of these two ways:


  • Reservation Form
    (PDF format – opens in a new window. Please print, fill out by hand, sign, and send to us. It can be faxed, posted, or scanned and e-mailed. )
  • Indemnity Agreement
    (PDF format – Please complete like the reservation form)

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