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Whether here in the United States or farther afield in Latin America, there are still locations you can visit that offer traditional ranch work. The Bitterroot Ranch in Wyoming offers a week-long cattle roundup to gather their herd from summer pasture, or visit during a time in the summer when the cattle need to be checked or moved during a Range Rider week.

In Argentina the Estancia los Potreros manages their own herd of cattle, and in Brazil you’ll ride through working fazendas. It’s a wonderful glimpse into this traditional way of life that still perseveres in pockets such of these around the world.


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Cattle Range Riding Weeks

Range riding activities will include fixing fence, searching for cattle killed by grizzly bears or wolves, putting out salt with pack horses and potentially herding cattle from pasture to... Read more

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Bitterroot Ranch

The Bitterroot ranch in Wyoming offers excellent riding for a broad range of ability levels. Everyone can enjoy varied trail rides through stunning scenery, with options for lessons weekly... Read more

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Cattle drive in Wyoming

Bitterroot Fall Cattle Drive

The last week of September is spent gathering the Bitterroot herd before the winter arrives. This is challenging work since the cows are scattered over a 50 square mile... Read more

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Estancia Los Potreros

This family run estancia offers an array of wonderful riding that can be tailored for all riding levels. Ride through the vast open landscape, play in gaucho games or... Read more

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Bitterroot Spring Cattle Drive

The spring drive week at the Bitterroot Ranch includes one day of pushing the herd to their grazing allotment on the adjacent National Forest, with additional opportunities for cow... Read more

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