• Trip Duration
  • 8
  • 7
  • Riding Time
  • 7
    days riding
  • 6
    hrs per day riding
  • Group Size
  • 6 - 14
    Guests per group
Navajoland- Take part in minimalistic camping on this horseback riding tour in Arizona


Ride Overview

An excellent choice for a horseback riding vacation in Arizona is the Navajoland trip which traverses the most spectacular and interesting parts of the vast Navajo Indian Reservation. Deep in the heart of the Southwest Desert, the ancient Anasazi people built a highly developed civilization a thousand years ago. They inhabited easily defended, precarious stone dwellings high in the sandstone cliffs, and later the Navajo Indians also carved out their settlements in the beautiful and isolated landscape. This horseback riding tour in Arizona crosses three distinct portions of the Navajo Indian Reservation. It begins in Canyon de Chelly, whose impossibly high cliffs are dotted with Anasazi and Navajo ruins. You then ride two days among the famed mesas, buttes and natural arches of Monument Valley before moving on to spend the final days in the rarely visited foothills of Navajo Mountain. From this camp one can see hundreds of miles across a labyrinth of sandstone canyons draining into the Colorado River.

This is a riding trip for people who do not mind helping out with camp chores, and who are willing to forego creature comforts to become immersed in the unique culture and dramatic landscape of Navajoland. Check out some of the other Equitours horseback riding vacations in Arizona here.


This is a vehicle-supported camping trip. Spring bar canvas tents are utilized which comfortably fit two people and their gear. Mattresses and cots are provided to sleep on and you can either bring your own sleeping bag or rent one from the outfitter for $35 for the week. A portable toilet is provided at the campsites. Warm water is available for washing hands and face in the morning and evening.

Meals & Drink

An assortment of home-cooked meals will be provided while on the trail. The cuisine is hearty and variable, prepared in an outdoor kitchen and over an open fire. Lunch is carried in individual saddlebags and consists of sandwiches and snacks.

Ride & Horse Details

  • Overview:
    The horses on this ride are chosen for their stamina and surefootedness in rough terrain. Although predominantly Quarter Horses, other breeds and crosses will be among the outfitter's remuda. Western-style tack is utilized. Riders are welcome to bring their own saddles. Clients are expected to groom, tack and untack their own horses.
  • Horse Breeds:
    local ranch bred
  • Trip Pace:
    moderate to fast
  • Tack:
  • Weight limit:
    210 lbs

Activities for Non - Riders

This is not a recommended option for non-riders.

Meeting Point

St. George, Utah

With first-hand knowledge of the exciting tours we offer, the ride consultants at Equitours look forward to answering any questions you might have about this ride. We want to help make sure that you select the trip of your dreams. Please call or email and get ready to pack your bags for a wonderful adventure!

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