The traditions of horseback riding in Texas are centuries old and horses have played a hugely important role in the history of Texas from the time of the conquistadores. The Spaniards had for long jealously kept horses to themselves as they were a tremendous military asset which had greatly facilitated their conquest and control of Latin America. Their monopoly was broken in the 17th century when the Pueblo Indians revolted against Spanish rule in 1680 and captured hundreds of horses, with many more escaping into the wild, thus enabling Native American tribes on the Great Plains to acquire the horse. The Comanche became such skilled horsemen and fearsome mounted warriors that they were able to control much of Texas for over a century. Then came the fabulous era of the cowboy and the great cattle drives from Texas to the north made famous by countless movies, books and songs.

Today we can offer you an excellent trail riding and instructional opportunity. You will ride well trained and responsive horses and you can learn how to interact with your horse for a meaningful riding experience. This riding center is located in the beautiful Hill Country northwest of San Antonio, Texas. Trail rides arein small groups guided by a wrangler in pleasant surroundings dotted with oak and juniper trees. You can also take lessons and your instructor has an unusual gift for showing you quickly how to improve your riding skills. Guests can also receive expert instruction in both dressage and jumping. Accommodations are in spacious, comfortable cabins and delicious meals are served in the main lodge.

Texas is the nation’s biggest cattle state and has a rich cowboy history so it is appropriate that you should be able to learn how to work cattle and this is an excellent place to do that. You can refine and sharpen theriding skills you have learned by team sorting because horse and rider have to work as a team to handle the job. If you have learned to connect well with your horse, you can use his speed, agility and strength to accomplish a job which no man on foot ever could do. It is a great pleasure for your horse as well as for you to have successfully formed such a partnership and this experience of horseback riding in Texas will help you achieve it.

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Central Time (GMT-5)

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San Antonio International Airport (SAT)


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Ride the Trails of Texas Hill Country

Enjoy trail riding in Texas in this beautiful part of the state. The riding center is located at the former headquarters of a century old cattle ranch in the heart of the Texas Hill Country which is justly famous... Read more

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Hill Country Instructional Program- enjoy instruction tailored to your needs

Hill Country Instructional Program

Tucked away among the oak and juniper of the lovely, rolling Hill Country of Texas is a riding center where riders can take instruction or go for trail rides in the adjacent state park. The pleasant atmosphere of the... Read more

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Texas Cattle Working Clinic

Texas Cattle Working Clinic

This 3-day cattle working clinic is the perfect way to “get your feet wet”, or to improve your skill, as you learn more about the exciting sports of team sorting and team penning. Appropriate for all skill levels, and... Read more

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Riding vacation jumping

Improve Your Jumping Clinic in Texas

The lovely ranch provides a tranquil setting for jumping instruction as well scenic trail rides. Your host and instructor has a background in centered riding with an eye for solid foundations for any discipline. Jumping for beginning fences up... Read more

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The hosts were great! As an instructor, the owner is fabulous, one of the best teachers of best principles I've encountered. I went with my 11 year old niece and we were both engaged and really learning and having fun the whole time. The horses were lovingly cared for. When I mentioned the trainer's name to friends 60 miles away, they said she is one of the most well-respected instructors in the region. I'm glad of that because her approach is wise and experienced and she herself is a highly skilled rider.

Marsha Elleston, 2011