Our dressage instruction stay in New England is conveniently located in Merrimac, Massachusetts. An easy drive from the Boston area (about 1.5 hours), it’s accessible to much of the east coast. Right off the highway for convenience, the farm feels worlds away in its peaceful pastoral setting. Merrimac is located on the border with New Hampshire, and this area of the United States has a history and charm of its own. You may enjoy a visit to the nearby Massachusetts, New Hampshire or Maine coasts while you’re in the area.

Climate in Massachusetts

This riding experience is typically available April through November in this location, avoiding the worst of New England’s winter weather (when the horses and staff move to their farm in Florida). It can be quite warm in Massachusetts during the summer months, but the indoor arena is shaded and cool, and also has the capability to be heated if it gets chilly in the fall.

Average temperatures range from low 40s in November to low 80s in July.

Massachusetts Travel Tips

The nearest airport is Manchester, NH, 25 minutes away. Boston’s Logan International airport is about 45 minutes away. Rent a car at the airport and it’s a straightforward drive to farm. If you’d like to visit the beach while in the area, the nearest one is about a 20 minute drive.


Classical Dressage in New England

The dressage instruction in New England offers an opportunity to experience a high caliber of instruction on highly trained schoolmasters. Whether just starting out in dressage or looking to perfect your skills, you'll benefit greatly from riding these correctly taught mounts under the tutelage of a renowned dressage coach, Vitor Silva. For those interested in dressage, it's a valuable... Read more

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My trip to New England with Vitor Silva was a 10!!!!! I can't begin to tell you what a perfect trip it was. Vitor and Julie are amazing, as are their staff. The horses are beyond amazing, I fell in love with all of them... I wanted to go to a riding school were I could immerse myself and learn... I left wanting more... this couldn't have been more perfect and I plan to go back. I can't wipe the smile off of my face and my heart is full...

Barbara Lassa

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