Horseback Riding in Utah

Equitours’ offering of horseback riding in Utah are blessed with some of the most dramatically beautiful landscape anywhere in the world. John Ford’s famous movies using Monument Valley as a backdrop have caught the imagination of the world and views of these mesas and spires have become symbolic of the American West to millions. It is difficult to exaggerate the awe inspiring nature of this scenery which lends itself so well to horseback riding trips. National parks like Bryce, Zion and Grand Canyon attract millions of visitors from around the world and on horseback one can penetrate parts of these parks seldom visited by other tourists. One can also see remnants of the highly developed, ancient Anasazi Civilization which has so fascinated archeologists. One of these trips traverses the heart of Navaho country.  The southern part of Utah where the rides take place is very sparsely populated, allowing riders plenty of open country.

For the more adventurous, one can combine trail riding with cattle drives which have followed the same route from summer to winter pasture in the traditional Western manner for more than a century. There is no practical way except on horseback to move cattle in this rugged terrain.  While most of the rides are camping there is also an option to stay in comfortable inns at night and ride out during the day. The horses are sure-footed and obedient and there are opportunities to move out at all paces where the terrain allows. The competent guides are fourth generation ranchers. These rides offer a classical Western experience.

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Navajoland- Take part in minimalistic camping on this horseback riding tour in Arizona


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An excellent choice for a horseback riding vacation in Arizona is the Navajoland trip which traverses the most spectacular and interesting parts of the vast Navajo Indian Reservation.  Deep in the heart of the... Read more

Enjoy a horseback riding vacation in Utah on the Two Inn Trail

The Two Inn Trail

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Horseback riding vacations in Utah and Arizona do not need to be a rough camping adventure.  You can see much of the spectacular back country and still stay in comfortable inns where you can... Read more

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History of Horseback Riding in Utah

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Guest Reflections

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Lambach, 2014

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