Three Park Spectacular

  • Trip Duration
  • 7
  • 6
  • Riding Time
  • 6
    days riding
  • 6-7
    hrs per day riding
  • Group Size
  • 6 - 13
    Guests per group
Three Park Spectacular- horseback riding in Arizona and Utah

Three Park Spectacular

Ride Overview

The Three Park Spectacular Ride is on the border between Utah and Arizona and covers three of the most famous national parks in the world. This horseback riding vacation in Arizona and Utah allows you to see parts of the country around the national parks which few tourists ever visit.  The ride begins in the Pariah River Canyon and winds north to skirt the corner of Bryce Canyon, giving an unusual perspective of the phenomenal pink spires and hoodoos. The trail follows the Virgin River, crosses the southeast corner of Zion’s maze of sandstone domes and twisting gorges, and heads south across vast open sagebrush country. Few trails have as dramatic an end as this one, at Toroweap where the chasm of the Grand Canyon falling three thousand feet below exposes eons of geologic time. The compact camp is moved each day by vehicle so that riders are not slowed down by pack horses and allowing a varied pace determined by the ever-changing terrain.

You will feel secure in the saddle on these reliable horses which are used to the rugged terrain and you will form a strong bond with your mount before the trip is over.  The air in this part of the world is crystal clear and the humidity is very low.  You will sleep well at night and have a keen appetite after a day in the saddle to help you appreciate the wholesome camp food.  Your experienced cowboy guides are thoroughly familiar with the flora and fauna of the area and help you understand the area’s unique ecology.  Your equine companions, the splendid, wild scenery and your rancher guides make this a superb adventure.

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This is a vehicle-supported camping trip. Spring bar canvas tents are utilized which comfortably fit two people and their gear. Mattresses and cots are provided to sleep on and you can either bring your own sleeping bag or rent one from the outfitter for $35 for the week. A portable toilet is provided at the campsite. Warm water is available for washing one’s hands and face in the morning and evening, but there are no shower facilities.

Meals & Drink

An assortment of home-cooked meals will be provided while on the trail. The cuisine is hearty and variable, prepared in an outdoor kitchen and over an open fire. Lunch is carried on a packhorse or in individual saddlebags and consists of sandwiches and snacks.

Ride & Horse Details

  • Overview:
    The horses on this ride are chosen for their stamina and surefootedness in rough terrain. Although predominantly Quarter Horses, other breeds and crosses will be among the outfitter's remuda. Western-style tack is utilized. Riders are welcome to bring their own saddles. Participants are expected to assist with tacking and untacking their horses.
  • Horse Breeds:
    local ranch bred
  • Trip Pace:
    moderate to fast
  • Tack:
  • Weight limit:
    210 lbs

Activities for Non - Riders

This is not a recommended option for non-riders.

Meeting Point

St. George, Utah

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