Off the Beaten Path

Whether you are seeking a way to take a tour or you want to find a stationary vacation located off the beaten path, horseback riding is a great solution. 

Enjoyable riding is not compatible with busy, densely populated areas which are noisy and where the air is usually polluted. Horses can travel in remote places where vehicles cannot go.  They work best in a natural environment unspoiled by development and far from crowds. These trips should offer soothing to the soul and bucolic tranquility in harmony with nature. 

If you want to get away from the frantic hubbub and hectic pressures of city life, how about a vacation at the remote Bitterroot Ranch, located at the end of a 16 mile dirt road where the next habitation is 50 miles away across a roadless wilderness?  For night noises you may have the gentle murmur of a mountain stream and the occasional howl of a coyote in the distance.  Horses can take you to countless places where you are far from madding crowds. For example you could try the moving Tuli safari where you camp at night in the heart of the African bush in Botswana.  There you can stretch out for the night on a comfortable mattress and look straight into a cloudless sky where you will see the myriad stars of the dazzling Milky Way shining brightly.  If you live in a large metropolitan area, you might have forgotten that the stars are there because the light pollution is so bad. This is the kingdom of wild animals like lion, elephant, giraffe and antelope with no other humans except your small group for miles.  One can be lonely in the superficial contact of large crowds and find far more comfort in a small, intimate group of fellow travelers.

Perhaps the ultimate least traveled path is the 250 mile Ride to the Sea across the austere, almost lifeless beauty of the Namib Desert.  In Botswana the salt pans of the Kalahari Desert give the feeling of limitless space devoid of other human life.  Until very recently you could see an ancient baobab tree bearing the signature of the early explorer, David Livingstone, which was standing in the middle of nowhere. The Glacier Estancia ride in the remote southern tip of Chile takes you to the top of the Andes where Darwin found fossilized shells which helped him develop his theory of the origin of the species..  It is remarkable that in this day and age, if you make the effort, it is still possible to explore really wild places.


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