Fjallabak Tour- ride Icelandic horses on this equestrian holiday in Iceland

Fjallabak Tour

Ride Overview

Nowhere on earth are the forces of nature more evident than here in the “land of fire and ice” and the Fjallabak tour enables you to experience them in depth.  Wild volcanic landscapes next to snow-capped mountains, vast lava deserts amid multicolored hills, and immense snow fields leading to soothing hot springs make up some of the extremely diverse and unique landscapes of Iceland.  The most isolated nation in the Western World, Iceland is situated just south of the Arctic Circle between Greenland and Norway. The clean, fresh air and the natural beauty of the wide, untrammeled spaces make this relatively undiscovered island a rare and striking experience for visitors who have a taste for uninhabited areas.

Riding is an integral part of the traditional Icelandic scene and the naturally gentle Icelandic horse provides excellent riding opportunities ­­— especially through the wild and otherwise inaccessible areas of Iceland. A purebred descendant of its Viking ancestors, the Icelandic horse is a product of isolation and a thousand years of breeding for good riding qualities, resulting in a gentle, friendly disposition and calm manner that make them a delight for anyone to ride.

Their two unique gaits, the tölt and the pace, provide a remarkably smooth way to travel over rugged terrain, making long hours in the saddle more comfortable.  The tölt is what makes riding Icelandics such a pleasure, with its flowing 4-beat gait providing the sensation of floating while being seated firmly in the saddle. There will also be fast canters and gallops. You will have the unique experience of riding with a herd of 30-50 horses running free with the riders which allows for several horse changes throughout the week to ensure freshness of the horses. This is an Icelandic tradition and the horses are comfortable with it.

Accommodations & Food

The lodging and food are very rustic and simple by American standards, but accommodations are clean and the food is wholesome. During the ride you will stay in dormitory type lodging or well-kept mountain huts. Most of the mountain huts do not have electricity or artificial lights. However, they are designed to take full advantage of the long daylight hours. Showers are available only every few days but there are chances to swim in the hot, sulfurous springs.

Ride & Horse Details

  • Horse Breeds:
  • Trip Pace:
  • Tack:
  • Weight limit:
    225 lbs

Meeting Point

Hella - bus station (Supermarket)

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