Horseback Riding in Wyoming

Wyoming is one of the largest states in the US and yet it has the smallest population. This leaves vast open spaces unspoiled by development and ideal for riding vacation. Much of the state is mountainous and over half of it is public land. It is home to Yellowstone National Park and, even more important, much of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, the largest wild ecosystem left anywhere in the temperate part of the Northern Hemisphere.

With this ideal setting the Bitterroot Ranch is a perfect destination, whether you are interested in trail riding, wilderness pack trips, or instructional clinics.The Fox Family has owned and run the ranch since 1971. Guests can ride for miles in open country, eat wholesome food, and live in a natural way. The ranch is located at the end of 16 mile dirt road and is surrounded by the Shoshone National Forest and Wyoming Game & Fish habitat.  Riding possibilities are endless; trail rides through pine clad forests encircled by high mountain peaks lead to the quiet contemplation of nature, while the open sagebrush plains stretching to infinity offer great opportunities for spirited canters.  In keeping with old ranching traditions the Bitterroot cattle graze on an adjacent national forest allotment and guests help with checking on and moving them during the summer.  Each spring the brood mares produce a new crop of playful foals. The ranch hosts riding and horse training clinics with well-known instructors and offers weekly lessons for those who wish to improve their horsemanship skills.  Not to be overlooked are the cozy log cabin accommodations and ranch raised beef, lamb and salads.


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ranch vacation in wyoming

Bitterroot Ranch

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The broad range of horseback riding activities during this ranch vacation in Wyoming includes riding lessons with certified instructors to the intermediate level, a cross country jumping course for experienced riders, team sorting, herding... Read more

Cattle drive in Wyoming

Bitterroot Cattle Drive

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The Bitterroot cattle spend the summer grazing on the adjacent national forest land the last week of September is spent gathering the herd before the winter arrives. This cattle drive in Wyoming is challenging... Read more

TTEAM horse training clinic in Wyoming

TTEAM Horse Training Clinic

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TTeam horse training clinic offers a training approach that encourages optimal performance and health and presents solutions to common behavioral and physical problems. TTEAM horses demonstrate marked improvement in athletic skills and increased willingness... Read more

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Guest Reflections

"The passing of these last months has only set into our minds how truly blessed we were to meet each of you and to spend that time in the beautiful Wyoming wilderness. We recount each day of that trip often, and at the end of our reminiscing it ends in a big... Read More"

Emily Buss 2013

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