Horseback Riding in Wyoming

Mindfulness with Horses: A Retreat to Build Connection, Compassion and Courage


Join Jennifer Harper for a chance to rest and reset in the company of horses on this mindfulness based retreat to build connection, compassion and courage.

Today’s world can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to become disconnected from ourselves, from nature, and from each other. Spending time with horses can help us slow down and reconnect with our capacity for mindful awareness and personal power.

During this retreat you’ll explore mindfulness based practices supported by the grounding of horses, and surrounded by the wild beauty of the Absaroka mountains. You’ll reconnect with the rhythm of the natural world, cultivate compassion for ourselves and others, and build the courage to step fully into our lives with power and authenticity. In relationship with our diverse herd of horses of all ages and many breeds, you will experience connection and communication using body language, breath, energy and intention, learning to create relationships beyond words and without judgement.

While the practices and activities are customized to the participants (based on a pre-retreat survey and the experience as it unfolds) some of what you can expect to explore with the horses includes:

  • Observing interactions, including between mothers and foals
  • Exchanging greetings and communicating your intentions
  • Asking for space without creating fear or disconnection
  • Supporting a horse that is uncomfortable
  • Inviting a horse to walk and/or rest with you
  • Grooming a horse to create comfort and connection
  • Moving quietly through the herd without disturbing the horses

There will be three optional trail rides into the mountains and forests surrounding the ranch. You’ll start each one with grounding and awareness practices to support you in connecting to your horse, and yourself, during your ride. Personal mindfulness practices will be offered during this time for participants who choose to stay at the ranch.

Spend your time away from the herd expanding on your discoveries and setting intentions for the next day, through a combination of mindfulness practices, gentle movement, journaling and group discussion.

Together the group explore a way of being in the world that is deeply healing. One that connects us to our own body and breath, and to each other. Head home with a greater awareness of the energy you want to bring into your daily life, and your relationships, and with practices to support creating it (with or without horses).

Guests stay in comfortable log cabins on either side of the river which are situated for privacy and to afford magnificent views of the surrounding mountains.

Meals are taken in the main lodge and particular attention is paid to the cuisine and wines served.

  • Overview:
    There are over 120 riding horses on the ranch, consisting mainly of Arabians and Quarter Horse crosses (14-16hh). The Arabian horses are raised and trained exclusively for the use of the guests, who often like to visit the mares and foals. The ranch also has some excellent Welsh ponies for children. The horses are trained western and are used to being neck reined; they do not go on contact. All guests are asked to post the trot and to stay in two point or galloping position for the canters and when climbing hills. This is important to us as it keeps the horses from getting sore backs. Those who do not comfortably adapt to riding in this manner will be kept on slower rides.
  • Equipment Required:
    Helmets are required when riding, there are some available to borrow.
  • Horse Breeds:
    Arabians, Quarter horses and draft crosses
  • Trip Pace:
    Slow to moderate, to suit riders
  • Tack:
    Western saddles with snaffle bits
  • Weight limit:
    The ranch has a limited number of horses for riders over 180 lbs.

There are no separate activities planned for non-riders, who can take advantage of this unique location to fly fish, hike and visit with the ranch animals. With a rental car the town of Dubois is about 40 minutes away.

At the ranch. We can provide details for services for transportation from the Jackson Hole airport or the Riverton airport.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1

Sunday: Arrival at the ranch between 2-5pm. Enjoy wine and appetizers on the porch at 6:30pm and dinner by the river at  7pm.

Day 2

Monday: Breakfast between 7:30-9am each morning.

9am: Retreat welcome and orientation.

10am: Retreat programming with horses.

12:30pm:  Lunch.

2:30: Retreat programming integration and reflection.

Appetizers and wine at 6:30pm and dinner at 7pm each evening.

Day 3

Tuesday: Retreat programming with horses between 9am-12:30pm. After lunch you’ll have grounding practice at 2:30pm before an optional trail ride. Tonight at 8pm there is square dancing in the town of Dubois, about 40 minutes away, for those interested

Day 4

Wednesday: Retreat programming with horses in the morning and integration and reflection in the afternoon. This evening at 8pm join for an optional sunset hike to the horse herd in turnout.

Day 5

Thursday: Retreat programming with horses between 9am-12:30pm. After lunch you’ll have grounding practice at 2:30pm before an optional trail ride.

Day 6

Friday: Walk up to visit the herd in turnout before breakfast with the group if desired. Retreat programming with horses in the morning and integration and reflection in the afternoon.

Day 7

Saturday: Grounding practice at 9am before optional trail ride or personal mindful practice. Your afternoon is spent as free time on the ranch or in the town of visit. After dinner, closing practice.

Day 8

Sunday: Depart the ranch after breakfast.

Trip Map

Trip Dates & Pricing

Pricing & Options

  • Base Price
  • $3,350
  • Single Supplement
  • $300
Additional Pricing Information:
An additional fee for gratuity and one for taxes and fees will be added to the base price.

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We had an absolutely amazing time and it quickly became clear why guests return and why we have heard such extraordinary compliments of the ranch.

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