Centered riding clinic

Sue Falkner-March Centered Riding Clinic

Ride Overview

Sue is a level III Centered Riding instructor who studied under Sally Swift.  She teaches riding full time with students including world class endurance riders.  She is also a Connected Riding practitioner and for 20 years has been a student of the Alexander technique.  Under her tutelage in this centered riding clinic you will acquire tools to release unnecessary tension patterns, rebalance your body, and increase confidence in both horse and rider, making training easier. This will increase your communication with the horse, as well as allow the horse to move more comfortably and fluidly. The clinic week provides a nice balance of instruction and relaxing trail riding. Centered Riding® is an innovative way of expressing the classical principles of riding, using body awareness, centering and imagery. Centered Riding encompasses all seats and styles of riding. It teaches a language that allows clearer communication between horse and rider.Centered Riding® is based on a knowledge of human and horse anatomy, balance, movement, and on understanding how the mind affects the body and how both affect the horse. It uses centering and grounding techniques from the martial arts, along with body awareness, mental imagery and sports psychology. Rider and horse begin to move more comfortably and athletically. As you learn and experience the principles of the work, you and your horse will achieve greater harmony.

Trip Instruction Included

This instruction will make you a better rider, no matter how experienced you are or what your discipline is. The goal is new brain patterning, which will lead to better communication with your horses. We need to clarify how to use our body from the joints with a minimum of interference. Ground exercises lead to a kinesthetic understanding of how your body works so each day more than half the lesson will be devoted to unmounted work.

Meeting Point

At the ranch. Transportation from the Jackson Hole airport or the Riverton Airport can be easily arranged.

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