Horseback Riding in United States

There are an abundance of horseback riding opportunities in the United States from California to Vermont and from Wyoming to Florida.  You can gallop along the beach, herd cattle in Arizona, take dressage lessons, go on wilderness pack trips or view the fall foliage of Vermont.  Our riding vacations in the US traverse some of the world’s most spectacular scenery.  Large parts of our country are densely populated and closed to riding tours by highways, fences, shopping malls and housing developments, but there are still vast expanses where one can ride freely as people used to do a century ago when horses were a prime medium of transportation. We also offer top quality instructional programs and many of out rides in the United States are an excellent first riding vacation before venturing overseas on one of our more exotic rides.

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Guest Reflections

"The riding tour leaders were fabulous. The Redwoods Trip was fun, beautiful riding, would return to this trip in California sometime in the future! It was wonderful!"

Kathann Seiler, 2013

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