Horseback Riding in Arizona

Equitours offers unique opportunities for exploring the most beautiful parts of Arizona and Utah on horseback. Our rides wind back and forth along the border of the two states and cover the highlights of the southwest. Film directors know something about striking landscape and have long recognized that Arizona and Utah have some of the most dramatically beautiful scenery in the world. Mesas towering abruptly a thousand feet above the plain, rippling desert sands, the world’s biggest canyon and saguaro cactus in a blazing sunset have a huge, aesthetic appeal and make an ideal setting for horseback riding vacations. Riders have the opportunity to observe the fascinating cultural aspects of the area where thousand year old remnants of the once powerful Anasazi civilization such as petroglyphs and cliff dwellings can be seen. The rich Navajo cultural life is very much alive and many of their traditional crafts like weaving, silver smithing and pottery flourish for the tourist trade.  The Navajoland Horseback Riding Vacation affords an ideal opportunity to experience this fascinating area in depth.

Experienced equestrians can also test their skills on an authentic, week Long Valley Cattle Drive through rugged country helping cowboys move the cows between summer and winter pastures as ranchers have done for well over a century. The rides traverse trails through tremendously varied terrain in the border area between Utah and Arizona, sometimes on rocky paths descending into the depths of the Grand Canyon, sometimes winding through ponderosa forests with chances to gallop across clearings or on open plains. The horses are sure footed on the steepest trails and you will feel secure in the saddle. The Three Park Spectacular Riding Tour takes you through three of our most beautiful national parks and visits some of the most remote parts of this spectacular area. Another fascinating adventure called the Winter Pastures Horseback Ride takes place on the seldom visited north rim of the Grand Canyon. Here it is possible to descend far into the depths of the Canyon where a series of benches provides cattle and wildlife shelter from winter storms in a much warmer microclimate.

 You can read more here about the centuries old history of Horseback Riding in Arizona.

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Navajoland- Take part in minimalistic camping on this horseback riding tour in Arizona


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An excellent choice for a horseback riding vacation in Arizona is the Navajoland trip which traverses the most spectacular and interesting parts of the vast Navajo Indian Reservation. Deep in the heart of the... Read more

Enjoy a horseback riding vacation in Utah on the Two Inn Trail

The Two Inn Trail

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This trip is not currently offered, but similar trips such as the Three Park Spectacular and Navajoland are available. Please contact us for alternative suggestions. Horseback riding vacations in Utah and Arizona do not... Read more

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History of Horseback Riding in Arizona

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"We consider this ride to be one of the best vacations we have ever had. Besides the spectacular scenery, we also greatly enjoyed the evenings by the campfire – chatting, story telling and great meals. Can't say enough good things about this adventure."

Diane and John Samatican

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