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Castle Leslie Equestrian Center

Itinerary Summary

The following programs are available:

Equi-Beginner: for beginner riders who want to gain a basic foundation of riding through lessons and trail riding around the estate; 3 hours riding a day. Each rider will receive a series of lessons culminating in a 2 hour ride around the estate.

Equi –Trek: for anyone who enjoys the simple pleasure of exploring the countryside on horseback. This package involves daily rides on the estates; 3 hours riding per day.

Equi-Improve: for the more experienced rider wanting to improve their riding ability. This package incorporates a mix of lessons in show jumping, cross-country and dressage as well as trail rides on the estate; 3 hours riding per day.

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Day 1

Sample itinerary (Equi-Improve Program)
Arrive at the at Castle Leslie in the late afternoon. Enjoy dinner at Conor's Bar in the hunting lodge.

Day 2

Breakfast is served daily from 7:30AM onwards. Afterwards start with an hour long group lesson which includes an assessment of riders either in the indoor school or the outdoor arena, followed by 2 hours of cross-country jumping. Break for lunch around 1:00 –1:30 PM.

Day 3

Day 3 through Day 5: The riding program is the same each day. Riders are accompanied by a guide/instructor and ride with a group of similar ability, usually no larger than six riders.

Day 6

Depart after riding in the afternoon.

Itinerary Addendum


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