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Bayard Fox, founder of Equitours and his wife, Mel, began guiding horseback riding safaris in Kenya’s Masai Mara during the winter when their Wyoming ranch was closed. Mel was raised on a farm on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro, speaks Swahili and is well acquainted with the flora and fauna. Between them and their son, Richard, they have taken dozens of rides in Kenya, Botswana, Tanzania, South Africa and Namibia scouting for the best adventures and they have found many exciting options. Bayard is the ride consultant for Africa and is always pleased to discuss in detail the pros and cons of the many possibilities to best fit your riding skills, available time and personal interests.

Without a doubt Africa has some of the world’s most exciting and interesting riding vacation opportunities in the world. An African horseback riding safari through the world’s best wild game country is an experience to be remembered for a lifetime. Many parts of Africa are still wide open for riding and one can spend a week in the saddle without crossing a fence line or a paved road. Interacting on horseback with wild game like giraffe, zebra, Cape buffalo and many kinds of antelope is fascinating. There are plenty of opportunities for thundering gallops and some fine saddle horses. Contact with colorful local tribesmen like the Masai in Kenya and Tanzania is an added treat. Visiting game country while horseback riding in Africa is much more in harmony with nature than doing it by vehicle. It is a great deal more interesting than just sitting all day cramped in a land rover confined to roads.

The horse safari in the Masai Mara remains one of our most popular rides in the world. There is no better place to see huge numbers of African game where unimpeded migrations over wide areas are still possible. It is a challenging ride as one can gallop wide open plains alongside zebra, wildebeest and giraffe on athletic polo ponies. Another popular ride is the Tuli in Botswana where the game viewing from horseback is also excellent, but the equestrian skills required are somewhat less demanding. Africa is a huge continent (bigger than the US and Canada combined) with greatly contrasting areas and the endurance Ride to the Sea which takes you 250 miles across the Namib Desert is a very different kind of experience. The wildlife is scarcer because of the aridity, but the austere desert country is beautiful and has its own attractions for many, especially those who like fast paced endurance riding. These are just a few of the many varied horse safaris we offer in Africa. Please take a look through these exciting trips and don’t hesitate to call.


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Guest Reflections

"I have been on many riding trips around the world and the Nile Safari was special. The hosts and crew made every effort to make this trip memorable and pleasurable. From the moment we arrived, we felt cared for and cared about in such a way that other"

Otto, 2018

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