Interact with the Masai on this horseback riding safari in Kenya

Masai Mara Safari

Ride Overview

This is the land which was so loved by Ernest Hemingway and Karen Blixen. How fortunate for us that it remains much as it was in their day. The Masai are still there, herding their cattle, and living as they did in past centuries. Their fierce pride and strong culture survive. So do the wild animals in almost the same abundance as amazed the early explorers.

Riding through the country on horses, we breathe the dust, gallop after the zebra which cut our path, share our camp with the Masai and are part of age-old Africa. Our route avoids the clamor of tourist vans, roads and lodges. You are totally cut off from the noise of the modern world and life takes on the more gracious rhythms of a bygone era.

This archetypal riding safari has been one of our most popular for 30 years.

Please view our trip video from this ride and read over this day-to-day journal from a guest.

Accommodations & Food

Comfortable camps are set up each night by an extremely capable and amenable staff. When you reach camp at the end of the day, the showers are hot, the beer is cold and a delicious dinner is being prepared over wood fires.

Ride & Horse Details

  • Horse Breeds:
    Somali/Thoroughbred Cross
  • Trip Pace:
    Moderate to fast with opportunities for lengthy canters and gallops
  • Tack:
  • Weight limit:
    200 lbs

Travel Options Summary

When is the best time to witness the migration in Kenya? The Mara-Serengeti ecosystem is unique for many reasons. It supports the last great wild herds of large herbivores left on the planet. Figures and estimates vary but there are well over 1 million wildebeest and maybe 300,000 zebra that migrate in two distinct areas and 200,000 other large herbivores add to the variety. Cape buffalo, giraffe, eland, topi, hartebeest, impala, waterbuck, warthog, and two types of gazelle are very prevalent in the Mara and migrate much less if not completely sedentary, especially in the Mara ecosystem. When you add the elephant and hippo as the largest herbivores plus the extraordinary list of predators who feed on them all, you have an awesome wildlife spectacle. The two migrations are distinct in that the smaller one called the Loita migration stays in Kenya and Offbeat's riding route follows its whole range, while the permanent Offbeat Mara Camp is in the middle of its orbit. It may be encountered on any month of the year. The greater migration, which is better known, does a large clockwise circle, which is constantly on the move. The north of the Mara has a higher rainfall than most of the Serengeti, which therefore supports more bush, and a greater density of permanent herbivores. The big Serengeti herds come to Kenya in approximately June/July and move back and forth before finally departing back to Tanzania in late October. They are famous for their sheer numbers and of course their crossing and re-crossing of the Mara River to seek fresh pasture. To ride amongst them is bliss. All the wildebeest calve in a three week period in February/March. The Serengeti herds on the flat plains in the south of their range, which is a great spectacle, and the northern herds on the Loita Plains to the north east of the Mara, from which they take their name. The whole range of both migrations is perhaps 150 miles north- south and 60 miles east-west. Rainfall patterns throughout the year dictate the extent and timing of the wildebeest movements and are as variable as the weather. Therefore nobody can predict with any authority where they will be and when, apart from the above guidelines. Suffice to say that the Mara with two distinct groups is likely to have thousands of animals in the area at any one time. There may be a preponderance of zebra or wildebeest but numbers are always impressive. Elephant also favour the northern areas for the extra bush and fodder that the higher rainfall brings. In conclusion therefore, there is no better or worse time to come. It may rain or be very dry but at 1700 meters (5500 ft.) the climate is always bearable and wonderful game viewing is almost guaranteed.

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