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Florida Dressage Getaway

This destination is the winter base for the team that runs our dressage program in Massachusetts. If you are searching for top quality dressage instruction, well trained school horses, and the added benefit of an escape from winter weather... Read more

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Epona Equestrian Center

This picturesque riding center provides trail riding in the morning, and afternoon dressage instruction, making for a memorable dressage holiday in Spain. The entire Garcia family is involved in the day to day activities at the center.  Jane and... Read more

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Enjoy good riding on this equestrian holiday in Mexico at Rancho Puesto del Sol

Rancho Puesta Del Sol

This all inclusive ranch is surrounded by three waterfalls, and at an elevation of 7,500 ft, offers spectacular views and weather year-round. You will discover unsurpassed scenery and riding in an area that has no fences, and experience the... Read more

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Deloraine House

Deloraine House is set in the middle of the 5,000 acre commercial farm at 6,000 ft. on the lower slopes of Londiani Mountain. It has a forest and bamboo shrouded volcano, on the western edge of the Great Rift... Read more

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The Ultimate Hekla – Riding and Exploring in Iceland

Enjoy this combination of riding the famous Icelandic horses and exploring some of Iceland’s most unusual natural landscapes by vehicle. These sites include the black volcanic beaches around Iceland’s southern-most village of Vik, thundering waterfalls and impressive glaciers near... Read more

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Monte Velho

The Monte Velho Equo Resort is a boutique hotel located on a Lusitano breeding farm and is an ideal base from which to experience wonderful trail riding and world class dressage instruction. The owner is an architect and his wife an interior designer, so... Read more

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The Gorilla Extension

In conjunction with your horseback riding safari in Uganda, Tanzania or Kenya, continue the adventure with an extension to Uganda or Rwanda for a once-in-a-lifetime experience viewing gorilla families in their natural habitat. Start and end your trip in either... Read more

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Dhows on the water during a vacation in Zanzibar

Zanzibar, the Spice Island Extension

The perfect complement to a horseback riding adventure in Tanzania is spending time on Zanzibar. Explore the old town, then move to the beach and enjoy snorkeling and diving on the coral reef in the clear, warm waters of... Read more

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See vast land and animals on this tour of the Serengeti

The Serengeti Extension

The perfect complement to a horseback riding adventure in Tanzania is spending time in the magnificent Serengeti National Park. The park is famous for its annual migration of over 1.5 million wildebeest and 250,000 zebra. Depending upon the season... Read more

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Enjoy unrivaled comfort on this horseback riding vacation in Kenya

Ol Donyo Lodge

If you are interested in a horseback riding vacation in Kenya, Ol Donyo Lodge offers a unique opportunity to experience the nature and culture that makes Kenya an outstanding travel destination while enjoying an equestrian vacation.  Set within the... Read more

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Custom Kenya Safari

A custom Kenya safari with Equitours provided you with something beyond the ordinary; the ability to avoid the mini bus routes and get under the skin of the country. These trips are ideal for families that have some members... Read more

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Enjoy the lush countryside on the Sugarbush Tolt Trek horseback riding vacation in Vermont

Sugarbush Tolt Trek

This relaxing trail ride on Icelandic Horses is a wonderful introduction to the breed. The farm and your host is dedicated to these lovely horses, and you will learn how to ride their special gaits. The trails take you... Read more

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