Horseback Riding in Botswana

Horseback riding in Botswana allows you to experience all that this magnificent land has to offer. Botswana is the immortal heart of the splendidly desolate and roadless Kalahari Desert. This wild land consists of endless savannahs, dunes, ephemeral lakes and salt pans.

This is the land of the Bushmen, those ancient nomads who have lived since the stone age in the extreme conditions of the Kalahari, leaving little trace of their habitation beyond poignant etchings in stone.

Botswana is also known for the awe-inspiring Okavango Delta — the world’s largest inland delta, which teems with animals and birds, and justly deserves its reputation as the Jewel of Africa.

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Horse riding in the Okavango Delta

Okavango Safari

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Often referred to as the “Jewel of Africa,” the fact that the this area exists at all is a miracle. The opportunity for horse riding in the Okavango Delta is a bigger privilege still.... Read more

Enjoy game viewing on the Tuli horse safari in Botswana

Tuli Safari

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This is a classic point-to-point horse safari in Botswana covering approximately 120 miles in the vast Mashatu Game Reserve in the Tuli Block. Mashatu is a privately owned wildlife sanctuary of 75,000 acres, situated... Read more

Meerkats are your neighbors while on this horseback riding trip in the Kalahari

Kalahari Ride

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In the heart of Botswana lies the vast sand basin of the Kalahari Desert spanning from Namibia to Zimbabwe and from the Orange River to Angola. This adventurous horseback riding trip in the Kalahari... Read more

Ride with wildlife on the African Explorer horse safari in Botswana and South Africa

African Explorer

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Horseback riding in South Africa and Botswana includes fast paces on two private game reserves, fine accommodations and evening meals around the campfire which make for a genuinely unforgettable African experience. Species to be... Read more

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The Tuli Ride: A True Safari in Botswana

The Tuli Ride: A True Safari in Botswana

After the first night in the comfortable bungalows of the Tuli Safari headquarters — an oasis of green gardens and an airy, immaculately kept stable, all surrounded by elephant-proof fencing – we headed off... Read more

Kalahari Bush Ride

Kalahari Bush Ride

Dr. Livingstone, I presume? Tree Lodge was the perfect location to recover from the long haul flight New York to Johannesburg and on to Maun. The charming raised tented cabins surrounded by the bush... Read more

The Incredible Tuli Ride Safari

The Incredible Tuli Ride Safari

…an exceptional experience in every respect…   Transfers As expected, the representative of the ride safari was at the prescribed location next to the Johannesburg Airport information booth at the designated time holding a... Read more

Guest Reflections

"At the end of our trip, we spent 2 nights at a luxurious lodge in Kruger National Park, and despite the luxurious accommodations and 5 star facilities, it didn't come close to comparing to our experience in Botswana. In fact, after being on horseback for 10... Read More"

Kathleen Deutsch

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