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Recently declared the 1000th World Heritage Site, the unique Okavango Delta is a horse rider’s Eden: as the floodwaters spread down into the Kalahari sands, the herds and bird life follow, and horseback is the perfect place from which to observe them. Combining this itinerary in the Delta with the host’s Kalahari Ride in the desert offers a phenomenal package to experience the best of the fascinating region.

This Delta Ride is unlike any other. Rather than a permanent riding camp, a lightweight mobile camp is transported by a flotilla of mokoros (traditional dugout canoes) poled by members of the local community, who live on the fringes of the Delta and know it intimately. When the water levels are too low for the mokoros to navigate, a train of pack donkeys takes over. No vehicles are involved, and this, along with our working in partnership with the local community, guarantees a genuinely environmentally-friendly safari.

The emphasis is on the experience, the loveliness of the Okavango, and top-level guiding. The riding and the horses are unsurpassed, the wildlife is astonishing and the food (cooked over a log fire) is fabulous.

Your camp is refreshingly simple, yet comfortable, with lightweight tents with standing room, fully made up stretcher beds, bucket showers and short drop loos.

This ride emphasizes fresh tastes and originality, with interesting and delicious dishes from all over Africa. Please inform your ride consultant of any dietary requirements prior to travel.

  • Overview:
    A suitable well cared for horse will be chosen from a stable of some 20 horses made up of cross breeds which include Shire/TB, Boerperd/TB, Friesian/BP, Arab crosses, Quarter horse crosses. They range in size from 14.3h to 16.2h. There is a choice of well fitted English (Wintec) saddles and trail saddles. Each saddle has specially designed holders to carry 2 water bottles per rider. Guests are welcome to bring their own personal seat saver of choice.
  • Horse Breeds:
    Fresian Boerped, Shire Thoroughbred, Arab Crosses, Quarter Crosses
  • Trip Pace:
    All paces
  • Tack:
    Safari trail saddles
  • Weight limit:
    210 lb in full riding gear

Maun airport

Itinerary Summary

There is no set itinerary, with the location of the camp dependent on water levels, wildlife movements and the length of the safari (the longer the safari the more likely the camp is to move). However every location is exquisite, there being a plentiful choice of shady, tree-lined islands.

A typical day starts with an early wake-up call and a light breakfast around the camp fire as dawn breaks. The morning is spent on horseback, following ancient elephant trails, searching for a variety of wildlife, enjoying the prolific birdlife, and cantering through the recently flooded plains. Herds of buffalo may be in the vicinity, giraffe often saunter by and red lechwe splash through the water alongside, whilst kudu peer out from the thickets.

Return to camp for lunch and siesta in the dense shade of the giant jackalberry or leadwood trees. A meditative evening ride is spent listening to the sounds of the bush and the snorting and splashing of the horses, before returning to camp for dinner under the stars.

Occasionally guests (and horses) may wish to rest, which is the perfect opportunity for a tranquil ride in a mokoro, the traditional way of traversing the glittering, lily-lined lagoons and waterways. It is a chance too, to venture out on foot to appreciate the smaller creatures that inhabit the bush - or to learn some rudimentary tracking skills.

No two days are the same, but every day is astonishing and joyous, and it is a privilege to share this unique and untouched wilderness with you.

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Trip Dates & Pricing

Additional trips of 3 nights or more can be added with a minimum of 2 guests.

Departure Dates

Trip Starts
Trip Ends
Jan 16, 2021
Jan 23, 2021
Feb 2, 2021
Feb 9, 2021
Feb 16, 2021
Feb 23, 2021
Mar 1, 2021
Mar 8, 2021
Mar 16, 2021
Mar 23, 2021
Mar 29, 2021
Apr 5, 2021
Apr 11, 2021
Apr 18, 2021
May 8, 2021
May 15, 2021
May 16, 2021
May 23, 2021
Jun 5, 2021
Jun 12, 2021
Jun 23, 2021
Jun 30, 2021
Jul 3, 2021
Jul 10, 2021
Jul 11, 2021
Jul 18, 2021
Jul 28, 2021
Aug 4, 2021
Aug 7, 2021
Aug 14, 2021
Aug 28, 2021
Sep 4, 2021
Sep 18, 2021
Sep 25, 2021
Sep 26, 2021
Oct 3, 2021
Oct 16, 2021
Oct 23, 2021
Oct 24, 2021
Oct 31, 2021
Nov 13, 2021
Nov 20, 2021
Nov 21, 2021
Nov 28, 2021
Dec 2, 2021
Dec 9, 2021

Pricing & Options

  • Base Price
  • $3,730January through April 5, and December 2-9
  • Pricing Variation
  • $4,395

    April 11 through June 30, and November

  • $4,990

    July through October

  • Single Supplement
  • $785

Departure Dates

Trip Starts
Trip Ends
Jan 1, 2022
Jan 8, 2022
Jan 8, 2022
Jan 15, 2022
Feb 1, 2022
Feb 8, 2022
Feb 21, 2022
Feb 28, 2022
Mar 12, 2022
Mar 19, 2022
Apr 12, 2022
Apr 19, 2022
May 7, 2022
May 14, 2022
May 15, 2022
May 22, 2022
May 23, 2022
May 30, 2022
Jun 11, 2022
Jun 18, 2022
Jun 19, 2022
Jun 26, 2022
Jun 27, 2022
Jul 4, 2022
Jul 10, 2022
Jul 17, 2022
Jul 18, 2022
Jul 25, 2022
Jul 26, 2022
Aug 2, 2022
Aug 11, 2022
Aug 18, 2022
Aug 29, 2022
Sep 5, 2022
Sep 12, 2022
Sep 19, 2022
Sep 27, 2022
Oct 4, 2022
Oct 15, 2022
Oct 22, 2022
Oct 23, 2022
Oct 30, 2022
Nov 5, 2022
Nov 12, 2022
Nov 13, 2022
Nov 20, 2022
Dec 3, 2022
Dec 10, 2022

Pricing & Options

  • Base Price
  • $4,085

    January through March, and December

  • Pricing Variation
  • $4,820April through June, and November
  • $5,090June 27-July 4
  • $5,450July through October
Additional Pricing Information:
A deposit of 50% is required for this ride.

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The Tuli Safari is an incredible adventure enabling equestrian enthusiasts to thoroughly appreciate spectacular landscape and a profusion of wildlife that is unique to the Tuli District of Botswana. Experiencing this majesty in a small group aboard willing horses under the guidance of personable and knowledgeable guides is unrivaled. The magic continues after dismount with evening game drives, spectacular sunsets savored from high vantage points, animated conversation over excellently prepared meals beside the fire, and culminating with the awe of gazing upon the majesty of the Southern Constellation before drifting off to sleep. This is a lifetime experience not to be missed.

Robert Savarese, 2013