Those who take a classical dressage vacation are practicing an equestrian discipline which is millennia old in Europe and has recently seen a burgeoning of interest among riders in the United States. A viable program must have not only an experienced and qualified instructors, but just as critical are the “schoolmasters” – the selection of well-schooled horses who allow riders of all levels to gain a deep understanding and feel for the movements and timing of this demanding art. Lusitano and Andalusian stallions are particularly well suited for movements like the piaff, the pirouette and the passage.  Dressage has tremendous aesthetic appeal and its essence is achieving close harmony with an equine partner.  Like so many sports, including rodeo, dressage techniques developed from practical needs and not so long ago horses were crucial in warfare.  Dressage training can improve your skills for any kind of riding though some adaptations have to be made if you are doing something like an endurance ride across country.

We offer riding trips related to "Dressage" in the following destinations:

Alcainca- Dressage in Portugal

Trip: Alcainca Dressage Program

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This trip features dressage in Portugal and is one of the world’s premier places for lessons in classical dressage; the chief instructor studied under the great master Nuno Oliveira. The Lusitano stallions are not... Read more

Classical Dressage in New England

Trip: Classical Dressage in New England

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If you are new to the dressage saddle or still developing a balanced effective seat, this program offers a systematic method to help you improve your seat as well as the effectiveness of your... Read more

Enjoy trail riding and instruction on this dressage holiday in Spain

Trip: Epona Equestrian Center

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This picturesque riding center provides trail riding in the morning, and afternoon dressage instruction, making for a memorable dressage holiday in Spain. The entire Garcia family is involved in the day to day activities... Read more

Florida Dressage- experience high levels of expertise on your dressage vacation

Trip: Florida Dressage Getaway

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This destination is the winter base for the team that runs our dressage program in Massachusetts. If you are searching for top quality dressage instruction, well trained school horses, and the added benefit of... Read more

Dressage- A Long Link to Equestrian History

Article: Dressage- A Long Link to Equestrian History

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Of History, Horses and Dressage… The Ancient Greeks were the first to leave records about anything like the art of dressage. Almost 2,500 years ago Xenophon wrote a treatise about how to teach horses... Read more

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"Again I enjoyed my stay at Alcainca. This was my fourth visit and I was as well taken care of as my first visit. I cannot say enough about both the instructors; their dedication to helping riders understand the need for good position in the saddle that goes"

Pam Cohen

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