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Horseback riding in Asia provides wonderful opportunities for exotic adventures. Equitours has tested many of them and found that they certainly deserve an important place in our program.   It was in Asia that the first horses were tamed and ridden or harnessed to help mankind hunt, cultivate the land, transport baggage and to fight enemies. The horse culture which developed in most of Asia from ancient times remains strong and allows us to offer rides in India, JapanTurkey and Mongolia where there are still many fine horses.

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Horseback riding in India is a fabulous experience. Few places in the world offer the exotic charm and colorful pageantry of India’s Rajasthan. Itsfascinating culture is more ancient than Europe’s and the architectural achievements... Read more

The nation of Japan has long been a cultural leader, and today its modern influences are still entwined with ancient tradition. The island chain boasts a variety of ecological and cultural wonders, with active volcanoes and natural... Read more

Mongolia is a unique area of unsurpassed geographical and human diversity, with forest, desert, steppe and lake lands populated by over 15 distinct ethnic groups. Join us on a horseback riding adventure in Mongolia... Read more

This is one of our most exotic destinations and horseback riding tours in Turkey are reasonably priced. The ancient horse culture is very much alive and it is doubtful that any part of the... Read more

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Mongolia without horses? Unimaginable!

Mongolia without horses? Unimaginable!

Ellen, from the Equitours office, was lucky enough to visit Mongolia in 2006. This remote country still has a heavy reliance on the horse, making the partnership between rider and horse a unique experience.... Read more

Palace to Palace Riding Holidays in India

Palace to Palace Riding Holidays in India

A Royal Ride through India’s History… I have ridden in more than 20 countries over the last 40 years and had some glorious experiences. Two contrasting rides stand out for me because of the... Read more

Guest Reflections

"We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience of the Naguar Fair Ride, and the extent and freedom of the riding in India was something we would have never experienced in the UK, or I suspect, anywhere else in the world. I found the places we visited fascinating... Read More"

Isabelle Pound

Read More Read More

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