Horseback Riding in Mongolia

Mongolia is a unique area of unsurpassed geographical and human diversity, with forest, desert, steppe and lake lands populated by over 15 distinct ethnic groups. Join us on a horseback riding adventure in Mongolia to experience this culture first hand and from the saddle.

Horses are deeply embedded within Mongolia’s culture; they are an indication of a man’s wealth. The pace of life is governed by the speed of the horse and horses are woven into Mongolian song, verse and history. Infants are taught to ride before they walk, and a young man’s prowess is measured by his skill as a horseman.

There is a great deal of wildlife in the country to include the Argali sheep, snow leopard, Gobi bear, brown bear, Siberian Ibex, the indigenous bactrian camel (two humped), wolverines, wolves, gazelle and flocks of birds such as rare pelicans, eagles, storks and woodpeckers.

This offers an ideal setting for a small adventurous group to experience a way of life unchanged since the days of the Golden Horde, when Ghengis Khan’s “devil horsemen” created the largest empire the world has ever known.

An English-speaking, native Mongolian guide will accompany the group at all times.  A cook will accompany the camp gear.  In addition, the services of local herdsmen will be hired along with their animals.  The horsemen come from local families who follow a traditional lifestyle in the area where you will be riding.

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Gobi Steppe Ride

Gobi Steppe Ride

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Ride through the Mongolian steppe on this classic horse trek

Mongolian Classic Trek

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This horse riding trek in Mongolia combines the lush beauty of the Blue Khentii Mountain, the austere landscape of the Gobi Desert, and the colorful Naadam Festival. The mountains of Gorkhi-Terelj National Park are... Read more

Enjoy riding horses on the steppe on the Karakorum horseback riding holiday

Karakorum Ride

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This horseback riding holiday in Mongolia will take you through the Khangai Mountain range in the central region, which is drained by some of Mongolia’s mightiest rivers, including the Orkhon, the most famous of... Read more

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Mongolia without horses? Unimaginable!

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Guest Reflections

"I had a fantastic time and hope to return to Mongolia next year for the reindeer ride."

Gisele Fuson, 2008

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