Horseback Riding in Sweden

Arctic Adventure


This winter experience offers a glimpse into life in the Arctic circle under the Polar night. The indigenous Sami culture here in Swedish Lapland can still be felt in the strong connection to the earth and local wildlife, namely reindeer. In addition to riding well-trained Icelandic Horses, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about reindeer herding and driving, as well as snowmobiling, ice sculpture and dog sledding. Offered from December through March, the hours of sunlight and degrees on the thermometer are minimal, but the beauty abounds. You’ll ride under the soft pink light of a late sunrise and early sunset, enjoying a canter through snowy forest tracks, and hunt for the Northern Lights as darkness falls. This is an active, hardy adventure for those seeking to experience the extremes of nature

There are two small guesthouses on the farm with room for up to 5-6 guests each. Each house offers a common area and shared bathrooms. The rooms are simple but comfortable. Wifi is available.

Meals are homecooked and feature local staples of reindeer and moose meat, white fish from nearby rivers, lingonberries and hearty potato and vegetable sides.
Alcoholic drinks are not included but you are welcome to bring your own.

  • Overview:
    There is a herd of about 30 Icelandic Horses on the farm. They are all known very well by your guides, selected carefully as good trail and lesson horses. They are all easy to handle and be around and you will likely ride several different horses during the course of your stay.
  • Horse Breeds:
  • Trip Pace:
    Mostly walk with some trotting, tolting and canters.
  • Tack:
  • Weight limit:
    200 lb / 90 kg

Non-riders are welcome on certain weeks and can take part in all non-riding activities: snowmobiling, reindeer sledding, Ice Hotel visit, etc.

Kiruna airport or train station.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1

Welcome to Kiruna

Arrive at Kiruna airport, where you exit onto the tarmac and into the cold air. A popular Arctic destination, you’ll likely see fellow passengers taking selfies with the thermometer on the side of the terminal showing the frigid temperature. You’ll be met by staff from the farm and transferred about 20 minutes to be shown to your guesthouse. Depending on what time you arrive, you may want to add lunch, which is served at around 1pm and not included in the trip cost. In the afternoon you’ll meet at the barn for your first ride. It may already be getting dark!  You’ll receive instruction on catching, feeding, brushing and tacking your Icelandic Horse and have a lesson in the indoor arena to familiarize yourself with the breed’s unique gaits and how to ask for and ride them.

Enjoy a 3 course dinner in the dining area attached to the barn. Perhaps you’ll see Northern Lights or moose out the window.

Day 2

Snowmobiling and moonlit ride

This morning you get outfitted for snowmobiling, probably layering up from what you wear riding, as you’ll be traveling at higher speeds. You’ll be instructed in how to operate the machine, which seats two, so you can trade off driving. At the halfway point, enjoy an outdoor lunch prepared over an open fire.

In the late afternoon go on a ride in the dark, hoping to spot Northern Lights. Enjoy the deep peace of the snowy forest at night as your Icelandic Horse carefully picks through the well worn track. You’ll have dinner in the goahti (traditional Sami style hut) and learn about the indigenous meals and culture.

Day 3

Reindeer and Ice Hotel

After breakfast at the farm you will transfer to the town of Kiruna, where your reindeer guide will meet you to bring you to their farm. Here you get an immersion into reindeer care and their close relationship to Sami people. You’ll be able to hand-feed them their favorite lichen before catching and harnessing those chosen to pull the sleds. Two people to a reindeer, you’ll be shown how to drive the sled before being sent out independently under the watch of the guide out to sled around the track before returning to the paddock and a traditional Sami lunch.

Next you’re transferred to the Ice Hotel, to visit the incredible sculptures gracing the rooms. A museum experience, you’re free to wander the rooms and unique works of snow and ice art before having dinner at a restaurant. Those who choose to can spend the night in a Ice Room (not included in trip price) while the others return to the farm.

Day 4

Riding and Museum

Mount back up on your Icelandic horse for a morning ride, perhaps under the soft pink light of the late sunrise. You may have an opportunity for forest canters through the snow covered trees. Opt for an afternoon visit of Kiruna and the Sami museum.

Or take an option for a dog sledding tour (not included in the trip cost), where you and a partner will man your own sled and team of 6 dogs around an 18 km track, with a break for lunch.

Day 5

Forest and Sauna

You’ll likely see the farm’s resident moose on today’s ride, while you can try out asking for tolts and trots.

This afternoon enjoy the heat from the farm’s sauna, while looking out over the frozen river and sunset on the mountains.

Day 6

Final day of Icelandic riding

Enjoy a final ride out on the trail this morning, following the river track. You will likely see tracks from the moose who come to the farm to eat their hay, and perhaps from reindeer who wander freely. Sometimes you hear a capercaillie (large bird) take flight before you or your horse notices their presence. After a last leisurely lunch try out the farm’s large oval track, which is used for training and showing the Icelandic horse gaits.

Day 7


A final breakfast before transfer to Kiruna airport.

Itinerary Addendum

Please note this is a sample itinerary only - the activities will not necessarily take place in this order.

Trip Map

Trip Dates & Pricing

Departure Dates

Trip Starts
Trip Ends
Jan 14, 2024
Jan 20, 2024
Jan 28, 2024
Feb 3, 2024
Feb 11, 2024
Feb 17, 2024
Feb 25, 2024
Mar 2, 2024
Mar 10, 2024
Mar 16, 2024
Mar 24, 2024
Mar 30, 2024
Dec 15, 2024
Dec 21, 2024
Dec 29, 2024
Jan 4, 2025

Pricing & Options

  • Base Price
  • $2,320
  • Other Options
  • $445Optional Ice Hotel overnight. $780 in a single room.
  • $330Optional dog sledding outing
  • Single Supplement
  • $375

    Dependent on availability

Departure Dates

Trip Starts
Trip Ends
Jan 12, 2025
Jan 18, 2025
Jan 26, 2025
Feb 1, 2025
Feb 9, 2025
Feb 15, 2025
Feb 23, 2025
Mar 1, 2025
Mar 9, 2025
Mar 15, 2025
Mar 23, 2025
Mar 29, 2025

Pricing & Options

  • Base Price
  • $2,320
  • Other Options
  • $445Optional Ice Hotel overnight. $780 in a single room.
  • $330Optional dog sledding outing
  • Single Supplement
  • $375

    Dependent on availability

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