Horseback Riding in Namibia

Horseback riding in Namibia gives you access to to a land that is still wonderfully wild and remote, with few paved roads and great swaths of land inaccessible to vehicle travel. It is an arid land, defined by the sands of the Kalahari Desert along the east and south, and the great Namib Desert extending the length of the west coast. The variety of landscapes, colors, geological formations and vegetation in Namibia is remarkable; over every ridge, it seems, is a new scene.

Namibia is politically stable and safe. There are regular flights into Windhoek from Germany, and from Johannesburg, Cape Town, and South Africa.

The owner and ride organizer is best known for founding and running horseback safaris in Botswana. She decided to move to Namibia with a vision to explore and develop new and interesting routes while retaining some of the old favorites. Some of the rides are now suitable for intermediate riders, while others are suited only for seriously fit experienced riders.

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Fish River Canyon horseback riding vacation in Namibia

Fish River to the Border

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A combination of dramatic canyon landscapes, spacious desert plains and the mighty Orange River, this horseback riding vacation in Namibia offers the opportunity to experience both inaccessible countryside, real wilderness areas, and riding without... Read more

Ride to the Sea horseback riding tour in Namibia

Ride to the Sea

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This is an endurance horseback riding tour in Namibia through a region of overwhelming beauty and isolation. It crosses 400 kms of the world’s oldest desert from central Namibia to the Atlantic Coast, with... Read more

Damaraland horseback riding holiday in Namibia

Damaraland Trail

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The gifts of Damaraland are many. The famous fauna and flora, elephant & rhino, Welwitschia mirabilis, and the Skeleton Coast with its disintegrating shipwrecks all make for an adventurous horseback riding holiday in Namibia... Read more

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"I had the most fantastic time in Africa. The trip that you put together was simply unbelievable. I loved every minute of the three rides that I did and they were truly each a once in a life time experience. I could not recommend them more highly...... Read More"

Daphne Chester

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