600438_3652215538333_1340113357_nBAYARD FOX, founder of Equitours, has ridden since early boyhood. After graduating from Yale, he traveled widely in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. He has been leading rides at his own Bitterroot Ranch since 1971 and started guiding rides in Kenya with his wife, Mel in 1980. Bayard has been organizing and taking new rides ever since. He has tested scores of rides on six continents and many American states. Few can equal his long experience in leading riding tours and in assessing the qualities of various programs. He currently handles all inquiries for Africa, France, Turkey and New Zealand. Bayard rides often with his clients at the Bitterroot during their four-month season, which keeps him in close touch with their reactions and wishes. If interested, read more about the Equitours story.