Memoir by Equitours founder, Bayard Fox

We suggest that it might help you get maximum value from your trip if you read Bayard Fox’s book, Fisherman, Rancher, Horseman, Spy which describes the origins of Equitours and its philosophy.  
In order to supplement the short summer season at their Bitterroot Ranch, Bayard and Mel began doing foreign riding tours by guiding former ranch guests on winter horse safaris in Kenya in 1980.  Mel grew up in East Africa and speaks fluent Swahili as well as being very knowledgeable about the flora, fauna and peoples of the area.  Later Bayard’s knowledge of foreign countries, their cultures and languages gained while working as a CIA agent in Europe, Africa and Asia helped them add many additional rides in over 30 different countries.   Now three ride consultants assist the Fox Family in managing over a hundred different riding vacations on six continents.