Experience the Serengeti Migration in 2025

Join Equitours in Tanzania for an unforgettable riding adventure. Mel Fox, a seasoned rider and owner of Equitours, recently returned from her sixth Serengeti Migration Ride. Enjoy some spectacular photos taken from the trail.

Exploring the vast Serengeti by horseback

Our Serengeti Migration Ride journeys deep into the Ngorongoro Conservation Area — a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site in northeastern Tanzania. Established in 1959, the diverse landscapes, highland plains, and savanna woodlands are abundant with wildlife. The site is home to lions, hyenas, gazelles, elephants, and rhinos — to name a few — and serves as a crossing for the wildebeest and zebra migration.

“The Tanzania trip was superb. Clearly, the outfitter is very experienced. The staff, horses, accommodations, food, sightseeing were outstanding. I can’t comment further. It was a wonderful introduction to Tanzania and the Serengeti.”

Led by dedicated guides, this ride will take you off the beaten path into the heart of the migration as roaming herds travel from Masai Mara back to the Serengeti in search of greener grazing lands after the rainy season. The Serengeti Migration Ride is timed to give you the greatest chance to witness this migration event and be immersed in one of the world’s most incredible wildlife spectacles.

Your typical day of riding

Every day will look a little different but the basic structure will stay in place. A typical day will begin with an early morning breakfast and tea followed by riding with breaks for lunch and rest in between. The riding is fast paced, with full days in the saddle, in the English style on local breeds and Thoroughbred crosses. The mobile style of the safari allows the flexibility to travel where the game is most prominent, for the most exhilarating wildlife experiences possible. A visit to a Masai village, to observe and take part in their way of life, is included. Towards the end of the day the group makes its way back to camp to view the sunset and eat dinner, and of course hot showers will be waiting.

Welcome to your luxurious camp

Your home away from home, the base-camps will host meals, accommodations, and provide a luxurious venue to experience the African wilderness. These camps will change every couple of days, ensuring the group is experiencing the diversity of the Serengeti in a truly special way. The food is made to a high standard and prepared by skilled bush chefs who blend a mix of  local and international styles.

The safari will conclude with a drive to the Ngorongoro highlands and a breakfast overlooking the Ngorongoro Crater.

Unlike traditional safari tours, which are typically confined to vehicles, travelling by horseback  through the plains of the Ngorongoro  will take you to the most remote and untouched areas — unreachable by car. The Serengeti Migration Ride is a truly incredible way to experience northeastern Tanzania.