Advantages of Solo Travel on Horseback

Making New Equestrian Friends

If you love to ride, but the rest of your family and friends don’t share your enthusiasm, join one of our horseback riding vacations where you have a good chance of making new friends with like-minded people you would never have gotten to know in the normal course of events. Many people hesitate to take a trip solo to unknown places without a friend they already know to accompany them. Don’t concern yourself about that. The chances are that you will make some great new friends who enjoy the same things you do; who love horses and exciting adventures in interesting places. Often you do not associate in your working activities with the kind of people who have the same ideas you have about what to do in your leisure time. You will find that most of the people who take our riding tours do have a great deal in common with you outside the work place. It is a great way to make new friends in a safe situation.

Solo Travel

Having a great time with friends on the Gredos ride

Many life-long friendships have been formed on our riding tours. You will meet others from all over the world who, despite coming from diverse walks of life, still share your love of horses, exotic travel and new experiences. We have many guests who make plans year after year to go on other riding tours together. Often you can find companions who will go with you again on other adventures to far flung places and are sometimes willing to share accommodations with you. Some of our tours do not carry a single supplement if you are prepared to share a room with another appropriate guest, whether there turns out to be someone available or not. Sometimes Equitours can find a partner with whom you can share a room to avoid a single supplement. If you are the kind of person who seeks new experiences and a wider world view, you may well have a more interesting time going solo than you would with people you already know well. If you are a lone traveler, never fear! Let us get you started on some exciting and rewarding new adventures.

Bayard Fox