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Custom horseback riding trips for private groups, by Equitours

We often have requests for custom horseback riding vacations which can be tailor made to meet the desires of a private group. Itineraries can often be modified and the pace of a ride changed in order to accommodate special interests or needs. You can also plan an exclusive departure date not open to outsiders. If the groups are fairly large, the extra costs for a custom trip are small, but such trips do usually need to be planned long in advance so as not to interfere with set departures. Our ride consultants have considerable experience in planning these private trips and are glad to discuss the feasibility of any proposal. Perhaps you want to add camel or elephant riding to your trip or you may have a special interest in the art or culture of a particular area or a breed of horse. The possibilities are endless. Let your imagination free!

We offer riding trips related to "Custom Rides" in the following destinations:

Custom Marwari Ride

Trip: Custom Marwari Ride

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Let us help you plan a horseback riding vacation in India that will suit your needs and dreams. Visit the fascinating towns and remote villages of Rajasthan on magnificent Marwari endurance horses. Arrange you... Read more

Sosian Ranch

Trip: Sosian Ranch

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During the colonial era a strong ranching industry was built on the Laikipia Plateau with enormous ranches of over 100,000 acres and herds numbering in the thousands. This ranching tradition carries on but has... Read more

Guest Reflections

"The ride, people and horses were unlike anything I could ever have imagined.  The guide’s vast knowledge and enthusiasm on just about anything was really refreshing.  He could spot a lion two miles away under a rock in a bush.  Our stay at Deloraine was"

Lisa Lawson: October 2011

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