Sacred Valley of the Incas Ride

  • Trip Duration
  • 11
  • 10
  • Riding Time
  • 6
  • 4-6
    hrs per
    day riding
  • Group Size
  • 2 - 6
    Guests per group
Sacred Valley of the Incas- visit the legendary Machu Picchu following your riding tour in Peru

Sacred Valley of the Incas Ride

Ride Overview

The Sacred Valley of the Incas horseback riding vacation in Peru gives a unique introduction to South America’s most impressive Pre-Columbian civilization on some of the world’s most smoothly gaited horses which almost seem to float as they glide effortlessly along on ancient trails.  The scenery of Andean Peru is beyond description and the mountains around rise to incredible heights.  As you experience horseback riding in Peru you will love these beautiful, intelligent horses as they allow you to cover the miles effortlessly with no need for a rising trot or a two point canter.  The shops in Cuzco offer a display of local arts and crafts like alpaca wool sweaters at prices which are hard to resist.  You will see fascinating ancient experimental agricultural stations with terraced plots at different altitudes where the Incas tested and developed new strains of maize and potatoes.

As you continue your Peruvian riding tour, you will cross the swiftly flowing Urubamba River and pass terraced fields, constructed over the millennia with enormous effort, hanging to the sides of mountains where vegetables are grown.  Then you climb higher into mountain pastures where smiling Quechua speaking children tend flocks of goats and sheep.  Nights are spent in comfortable hotels chosen for their picturesque locations and attractive colonial architecture. Everywhere the food is excellent with varied fresh produce readily available.  At the end of the trip you will visit the amazing lost city of Machu Picchu which was not destroyed by the Spaniards as a result of its isolated and at the time unknown location, and certainly has to rank very high in the list of the world’s ancient wonders.  The blend of native Peruvian and Spanish cuisine is delicious.  This trip will open your eyes to the high level of culture achieved in the Americas before the Europeans arrived and is an adventure you will not soon forget.


Ride & Horse Details

  • Horse Breeds:
    Peruvian Paso
  • Trip Pace:
    slow to moderate
  • Tack:
  • Weight limit:
    188 lbs in riding gear

Meeting Point

Cusco airport upon arrival on Day 1.

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