Equine Photographers Workshop with Gabriele Boiselle

Equine Photographers Workshop in Colorado with Gabriele Boiselle

We at Equitours are please to announce that our very dear friend and internationally known photographer Gabriele Boiselle will return to the USA to lead two photo workshops in the Colorado in June, 2013, following the American Horse Publications Conference. Two separate workshops will be offered: The first will be geared towards amateur and intermediate level photographers seeking basic technical instruction photographing horses with DSLR’s while the second group will be for advanced photographers growing their horse photography skills. Participants in the advanced group are expected to have a thorough working knowledge of their gear, be shooting digital SLRs and plan to bring a laptop to the workshop. Both groups should come prepared for two and a half days of shooting, photo sharing and fun! Here is your opportunity to spend time with people that share your love of horses and photography and get direction and feedback from one of the world’s premiere equine photographers whose passion shines through in her work.

Gabriele’s mission in her photographic work is to capture the soul and essence of the horse and she will share her passion and knowledge with the workshop participants while focusing on the technical basics of creating successful equine photography. Photo reviews will help insure participants are provided with skills for consistently good horse images. This workshop specifically invites photographers who want an intense learning workshop focused on technique. Gabriele’s passion for horses, photography and travel are sure to captivate, entertain and inspire. You will be energized and motivated to make new and better photos after this workshop.

A prolific photographer well known for her books and calendars of horses and other wildlife, Boiselle’s style is easily recognized with her dramatic photos that capture the essence and the spirit of the horse. On location she will share with workshop participants the knowledge, passion and even some of the secrets that have caused her photos to be showcased in publications for the past 25 years.

Boiselle’s paramount mission in her work is to capture the essence of the horse, whether it be in equestrian competitions or in its natural habitat. From the exacting disciplines of the Olympics to the wild horses of the Namibian desert, she has been able to show the spirit and fire of our equestrian friends. She has trekked to the plains of Argentina to photograph the Criollo horses of the Argentinean Gauchos, and made stunning images of the Basuto pony of Lesotho and the Zumba pony of Indonesia.

“Horse photography is something for crazy enthusiasts and horse lovers close to madness” said Boiselle. “If you are not burning inside to make good pictures, if you are not willing to cross rivers and get up in the middle of the night and prepare horses for a shoot, you will never achieve the satisfaction in making very special images. I am eager to share all my insights and experience with you during the workshop. And I promise you, you will be dreaming in the night of horses. We will think, love and photograph horses.”


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