Costa Rica’s Magical Caribbean Tropical Trail

From Susan Siroto, 2017

I returned from my Equitours Caribbean Tropical Trail in Costa Rica and wanted to share my appreciation for having a magical time while there! My accommodations were comfortable, clean, and I had a spectacular view of the jungle from my front deck. Every morning over cups of delicious, Costa Rican coffee I could observe colorful frogs, a variety of geckos, butterflies, birds, and monkeys – and, on my final day, two separate sloth sightings.
There was always something new to hear and/or see – vibrantly colored flowers, plants, trees. Terry Newton and her family were wonderful hosts. Knowledgeable and engaging, they were able to share information about Costa Rican culture, the region, the flora and fauna, and food and fruits indigenous to the area.
Terry herself is an incredible horsewoman. She is an accomplished rider and trainer and her horses were a pleasure to ride. All were in excellent condition, well-cared for, responsive, sensitive, friendly and willing to please.
The experience of riding along the beach, my main reason for going on this trip, was all I had hoped for. No little strips of beach for a quick trot; this was the real thing! Miles of open sand and sea, the sound of the waves, birds, and – frequently – monkeys. We went for a swim in the ocean on the beach rides and then enjoyed a delicious and healthy lunch that we carried in our saddlebags.
Mentioning food, all meals that I had during my stay were excellent! Lunches and dinners were freshly prepared and incorporated fruits, vegetables, and seasonings grown locally. I enjoyed tropical fruits I never encountered in the United States! And, to my surprise, horses enjoy certain tropical fruits as well…
In addition to riding, I was able to check out the town of Puerto Viejo, its shops and vendors, as well as relax on the beach. On one of the non-riding days, we went to the Jaguar Rescue Center and that was a real treat! I was able to see baby sloths being fed by volunteers, multiple species of toucans (who knew?), owls, a collared peccary, and many more animals in the midst of being rehabilitated or permanently housed.
For my final ride, I asked Terry if I could have a lesson. She has a wonderful riding arena and I wanted to take advantage of her dressage trained horses and her expertise. As she is skilled in the healing arts as well as horsemanship, she helped me to more effectively tune into the horse. We did groundwork and breathing exercises beforehand, also part of the lesson. I would certainly go back for more lessons of this sort; a nice complement to the beach rides.
All in all, this was one of the best trips I’ve taken. Riding, relaxation, new experiences, acquiring new skills, learning, good food and good company… Thank you!
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