Homoki Lodge

  • Trip Duration
  • 8
  • 7
  • Riding Time
  • 6
    days riding
  • 3
    hrs per day riding
  • Group Size
  • 1 - 8
    Guests per group

Trip Itinerary

Homoki Lodge

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Day 1

If transfer is part of your package, you will be met by the driver at the Budapest airport or an arranged meeting point (payable locally).
This one and half to two hour trip will take you through the Hungarian Southern Great Plain. Near the end of your journey you leave the paved roads and continue on sandy tracks to the secluded lodge. An introductory ride will be available with departure at 2:30pm. Settle into your accommodations and in the evening have an upscale Hungarian meal (drinks not included).

Day 2

Each day, after enjoying the delicious and varied options at breakfast, you head out to the puszta on your Hungarian warmblood horse. These untiring, sure footed horses offer the best way to experience the openness of the country, the seemingly never-ending sandy tracks and meadows. Morning rides last a few hours and lunch is taken on a picnic or back at the lodge. The afternoon offers the opportunity for another 1.5 hrs before returning back to the lodge. Ride through pine and acacia forests and perhaps spot some of the local wildlife, including hare, roe deer, fallow deer, pheasants or wild boar.

Day 3

Ride to a nearby nature reserve, which is habitat for falcons, buzzards, bee eaters, lizards and wild orchids. This "Miracle Meadow" was founded by his Austrian Emperor Francis Joseph the First and her Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary Elisabeth better known as "Sissy" in the early 19th century. Tour the lovely blooming meadows full of seasonal flowers such as uncountable Red Poppies, Bugac Orchid, small Pasque Flower, Sea Aster, Autumn Lady'stresses, Giant Hungarian Daisy, Tisza-parti Margitvirág, Hungarian Milkvetch, Buckbean/Bogbean, Marsh Gladiolus etc.

Day 4

Ride past well kept crops and fruit orchards following the border of the surrounding farmsteads until you reach a typical Hungarian village, Ruzsa, in the Puszta Plains of Hungary. Learn about its population and how they build their homes and yards, see happy pecking chickens in theirs gardens with crops of vegetables. The guide will show you the infrastructure like the school, majors house, church and the park. Lunch can be taken at the Presszo where they prepare the most gigantic Hamburgers Hungarian style. On the way back you'll have the option to travel through the poplar forests with shade, or for the ones who adore the sun cross via the nearby plains.

Day 5

On the third and fourth Sunday of each month is market day in the nearby villages. Staff will care for your horse upon arrival, allowing you to explore the markets and dive into the lively bustle of the traders. Livestock, antiques, fresh goods, clothes and everything one can imagine is haggled for. Around noon you can taste the freshly prepared local specialties like the locals do. Return back to enjoy some stunning views over meadows and the never ending sandy tracks.

On a different day of the week you may tour the buffalo reserve in Mórahalom. This long tour across the flat Puszta and its open plains offers a beautiful scenery of the landscape. Stop at the observation platform to view protected wetlands through the naturalization of water buffalo (bubalus bubalus) and a large number of waterfowl such as swans, gray herons, storks, stilts, herons, etc. For lunch halt at a tavern and order local dishes. Return towards the lodge on sandy paths with a chance to observe a fallow deer breeder.

Day 6

Ride to the town of Asotthalom to visit the Rozsa Sandor commemorative house to learn about this famous folk hero. The route will take you through former wetlands, which were an ideal area in which bandits such as Rozsa could hide, putting you in the hoofprints of this 19th century highwayman. Lunch at the Csarda allows you to taste a variety of local foods before returning home to the lodge.

Day 7

Your final day's ride could take you to visit to a Hungarian Grey Cattle herd. An ancient breed of domestic beef cattle indigenous to Hungary. The breed belongs to the group of Podolic cattle and is well adapted to extensive pasture systems. Hungarian Grey cattle are slender and tall. The color ranges from silvery-white to ash-grey. Hungarian Grey cattle are robust, unpretentious, easy-calving and long-lived. Drinks and tasting of homemade specialties included. Enjoy a final dinner of Hungarian delicacies and night at the lodge.

Day 8

After breakfast, check out at 10am. If booked in advance, return transfer to Budapest airport, back across the southern plains.

Itinerary Addendum

Itinerary may vary depending on day of arrival, other activities planned or weather.

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