Amboseli Safari

  • Trip Duration
  • 11
  • 10
  • Riding Time
  • 9
    days riding
  • 4-7
    hrs per day riding
  • Group Size
  • 4 - 12
    Guests per group

Amboseli Safari

Ride Overview

The Amboseli Safari passes through classic African big game country beneath snow-capped Mt. Kilimanjaro, which towers a breathtaking 15,000 ft. above the surrounding plains. Amboseli National Park and the nearby areas hold some of Africa’s most abundant wildlife and, among many other kinds of wildlife, you will see huge herds of zebra and wildebeest, many types of antelope, lion and elephant.

The ride is fast paced at times and there are some good opportunities for gallops on dry lake beds and other places which provide excellent footing for the horses. This is Masai country and you will see the colorful tribesmen from time to time herding their livestock across the grasslands on the watch for marauding lion or leopard.

Camps are very comfortable and service is excellent. The skilled cooks provide tasty meals which you will greatly appreciate after a day in the saddle. There is a broad selection of responsive, sure-footed horses, and those who wish can take them jumping over logs and brush when the opportunity presents itself. Knowledgeable and friendly guides help make this a marvelous introduction to the best of Africa.


Spacious 10ft x 9ft sleeping tents with camp beds (double on request), mattresses, sheets and blankets. Towels, soap and torches provided. There is a gas lamp and hurricane lamp in each tent. There is a loo tent for each double tent and hot showers always available.
All food is fresh. Dry ice and cubes are carried and the camp is self sufficient for one week. Bread is baked daily on open fires and our chefs are extremely good. You will again be pleasantly surprised.

Ride & Horse Details

  • Overview:
    Many are home bred from our best mares. All of them are responsive, tough and fit. Many are trained for polo and the best ones are handpicked for each guest on their riding safari.
  • Horse Breeds:
    Thoroughbreds, Thoroughbred crosses
  • Trip Pace:
    walk, trot, canter, gallop
  • Tack:
    English Saddles with a selection of polo, jumping, French trekking and Australian stock
  • Weight limit:
    210 lbs

Meeting Point


With first-hand knowledge of the exciting tours we offer, the ride consultants at Equitours look forward to answering any questions you might have about this ride. We want to help make sure that you select the trip of your dreams. Please call or email and get ready to pack your bags for a wonderful adventure!

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